At the Beach

I was getting ready to go to Synagogue when the word went out – there is no power in the building. Turns out that local vagrants set a fire that damaged a power pole and line. Remind me again why it is so ‘compassionate’ to have these people just out on the streets, in this case, actually invading a private parking lot. For all the money spent on repairs and cleanup – they could have built tent cities long ago. I don’t want to hear about their rights – mine have been so curtailed over the years – but that is ok – because I”m the Tax-payer.

So instead, I joined the boys and the grandkids and off to the beach we went. Yup, I’m dressed for the North Pole.

At first there was sun, sunshine is always lovely.

Poor Yish, despite having a booster, I wish he hadn’t – it didn’t help in any way. He got covid and he wasn’t feeling great – this is 6 days in, I’m not worried about him being infectious. Turns out that natural immunity is the best, something we’ve known for 4 thousand years. And the infectious state is only at the beginning. But our overlords had so much fun locking us down like communists – they will never give up the power or the lies.

Making sand castles is always great.

Look, he built a tower with his candles.

Look, Abba and Einav have the same color!

Yoch found two large, as in very large turban shells. One of them has the door closed.

The other had its’ creature half way out – ugh – so ugly and so understandable where sci-fi images come from.

Another angle. it’s a little hard to see, but his door is attached to him as well, when he goes back inside, the door will close. both were thrown back into the ocean.

The innards of a conch like shell.

Two small turbans, empty of course that came home with me.

Atop a wonderful smooth round rock that got this way because of the sea and the sand. We also saw a lot of beach bricks – sort of like beach glass, but large pieces of brick that get polished smooth. I think Eyal took some home.

Two cuties on the beach. As cold as I was, it is nothing compared to what is going on in the San Bernardino mountains. the snow level is unbelievable., towns are buried, no gas, no groceries, very few ways to get down the mountain, if at all. And our dictator Grusom is off on some private vacation. The Assembly is no better, this is what happens with dictators – they don’t care in any way shape or form. And no, I don’t believe they were legally elected, they have controlled CA for so long now, it’s all a show to have elections. And of course, let people die in the snow – they don’t care. and they will simply deny that maybe all of this has halted the drought – they will never give up on that power grab.


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