Knitting another hat

What happens when the dog eats your new hat??? Yes that happened to the hat I shared just a few months ago. No, not my dog, someone else’s puppy. Oh well, knit another hat.

I ordered some yarn from webs for a different project and I don’t like it at all. My local LYS (local yarn store) is the unicorn poop capital of the world – it is very hard to find basic yarn there.

My friend Diane dyes yarn! I know what you are thinking – isn’t this in the category of unicorn poop? Well, this does fit the bill, but for a hat, it is perfect. Next big project I will confer with Diane and get some solid colors.

This is gorgeous. I sent her a message asking for a skein of yarn in blue/green/purple and let her choose herself. It arrived two days later! She has great taste and knowledge of color, I knew I could trust her.

but what hat pattern you ask? I have a book I bought years ago with plenty of different styles, I chose this one. Designed by another friend from the old knitting group I used to go to.

I got to work immediately. Look at beautiful the yarn is in a ball. That is not always the case.

The pattern is a chevron and that helps distribute the colors so they don’t pool

I worked very fast, because although it has been a very cold wet winter, it will probably end very soon.

It is done, it is lovely.

I no longer have a selfie stick, I was too lazy to set up the big camera – so here we go, a few mirror shots.

A little blurry, slouchier than the original, but I am very pleased and will be very careful around puppies in the future.


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