Over 80% Done!

Before, this is Mia Schem before going to the Nova music festival.

Here she is, being released and brought back to Israel. Notice any difference? Btw, I still hate the Red Cross, they stand there doing nothing, letting the Hamas terrorists ‘pretend’ to be kind, and then they want credit for doing nothing for these people while they were captive. And will continue to do nothing for the remaining 137.

A neighborhood flower shop changed hands. The new owners now put out a pail of flowers they can no longer use. Which means I have to go in and spend some money there as well.

Clementines from my sons’ tree. Yes, they are yummy

This is 80% done. I have completely finished the border.

Another 3%, at this point I am so anxious to finish this! I have other projects!

handsome family getting their annual pictures, at the pier near their home.

Two other adorable grandkids.



Huge Rally in London for Israel and against antisemitism. there are about 270,000 in all of GB, over 100,000 people showed up at this rally – many non Jews – Brits who are fed up with the takeover of their country by Islamists.

Singing – Ya’aseh Shalom – make peace. Btw, no mask, no signs of hate, no calls for murder.

One of the many Brits who came out to show support. This woman is British, unlike the stabber in Dublin – who despite living there for 20 years – holds on to his Algerian ways.

Elon Musk is in Israel now, in this image he has been meeting with the president of Israel and families of hostages. For all the idiots who call him an antisemite – they themselves are antisemitic – they hate Jews, but scour the internet for every faux pas so they can call others by that term.

Abigail who saw her parents murdered is reunited with grandparents, aunt and uncle. She has also been with her brother and sister. Btw, the brother is so traumatized – he won’t speak. The horror of what was done to these people is unimaginable.

Meanwhile all over the world and the US our governments are allowing mass disruption of life by the pro-hamas crowd. This is by design. So there has been a ceasefire – and yet the protests just grow and grow – way beyond ‘Palestine’ – now it’s about destroying the west – plain and simple.

On to happier things, like the actual Thanksgiving dinner.

The Turkey, midway through. it was Yummy! Because we were out of town, I had no room to bring back the leftovers – yes, I’m sad about that.

The other turkey that graced the table.

Putting out the food, aside from Turkey there were a lot of veggies.

Loving the food!

Happy together.

Had to take a break from stuffing the face in order to take pictures

Tired but happy.

Yochanan made breakfast the next morning! Yummy, then we took Westley and Cameron home. Their parents always like to enjoy a Black Friday together.

On Sunday I had 37 people over at the house for a end of Thanksgiving weekend bash. Most are from our Minyan – we had seen each other on Saturday, needed more time on Sunday. No pictures, I was too busy. It was lovely, good company, good food. At times like these we really need one another.


The Safari park

The third batch released. I see among them Abigail Iran – who saw her parents murdered in front of her, ran to the neighbors – they were kidnapped together and released together. I understand that her older brother survived but is in such shock and trauma – he won’t talk – maybe her return will help.

Emily Hand, with her father. Her mother died of cancer when she was 2. The prime minister of Ireland talks about her being ‘lost and found’. What a moral midget. of course he said the man who knifed 5 people in Dublin (three of them children) is an honorable Irishman – not the evil man from Algeria who moved there 20 years go and kept all of his vile beliefs. His criticism was about the Irish who protest this awfulness – if he thinks calling them right wing extremists will convince people they are in the wrong – sorry – only Hamas supporter accept this.

This is me, I never saw the difference between supporting the Jewish homeland and being Jewish. Btw, in London 150,000 people are out in a very peaceful rally – no calls for killing anyone, no attacks on anyone. Most of the people aren’t Jewish – there are only 50,000 Jews in all of Great Britain. People have been silent for too long, they now see how the Islamists are trying to take over their country and together with the Jews, they are beginning to fight back.

We went to the Safari Park in Escondido. We had a good time, but… the park cost a lot more money than your average zoo. First of all, it is a very long walk to the tram – which was hard on Joel who’s leg has been bothering him for a while. Second, on the tram every second word out of the guides mouth was how horrible we humans are because we are causing global warming and killing off all the animals. Heck, even Greta Thunberg is over that one – she has moved on to antisemitism and pro Hamas – full bore!

I didn’t take pictures of any animals, we hardly saw any. At the lion enclosure we were told they are sleeping. Other zoos makes sure the animals learn to sleep outside – at least you can see them – but no – here they charge a fortune – then laugh in our faces when we actually want to see an animal, other then some small grazers.

The group with Joel. The one enclosure that was good was the gorillas, they were out and active.

Now I’m in the picture.

It was a lovely few days together, the cousins had fun, we enjoy being with our kids. Even if I wouldn’t recommend going to the Safari – it took up most of the day so was well worth the time to get the kids out and about.

Next – Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving week

Bill Maher gets it, except for his hatred of Trump, he is a very logical guy, and he uses that logic here.

The first group of hostage released – at a huge price.

Kids meeting with their father, who was praying and fighting for their release. Btw, what part of ‘taking civilians as hostages is a war-crime’ do most of our world not understand!

Yes, this looks lovely, Temecula. The jacuzzi is warm, not hot, warm. so that is where the kids start out.

The kids, braving the cold – jumping into the 60 degree pool.

They did it! it was cold!!!

Einav wanted in on the fun, she was shocked by the cold, Aba got her out quickly.

These two kept going and going.

Cam swimming all the way to the other end of the pool!

After the first plunge, this is as far as Einav was willing to go. More than me, I never even got a toe or pinky wet.


Life goes on

I’m doing well, but not taking many pictures. I am blessed to be part of a Jewish community that is politically conservative. I go every Saturday – we bolster each other, we support one another. Unlike all the Progressive Jews who are finding themselves completely alone. I’m not alone. I also have good Christian friends who proudly stand with the Jewish people. But although my life is full – I don’t have many pictures.

I am at 77% I am going to finish this before I start any other project. I am ready for it to be done.

I have been enjoying a book club, my stitchy friends come over. Getting together with friends. and yet, I simply haven’t taken pictures. So most of the post is still what is foremost on my mind. The situation of Jews in Israel and the world.

My neighborhood. someone used strong glue, because it was too much work for a hater to rip this off. Btw, watching videos of the Hamas supporters is very interesting – they can’t simply come out and say – we are antisemites – we hate Jews. They mumble something about Palestine and get very angry and upset that they are caught being evil. There is shame – and in some cases – their Boses find out and fire them – because this is not a good character trait that most businesses want in their employees. Capitalism wins!

Legacy media is garbage. Every day the BBC has to issue an apology. Every day.

The legacy media doesn’t only lie about Israel and Hamas – they lied for years about the Pandemic, I have two grandchildren who have really fallen behind. I’m trying to understand why the NYT is telling the truth now?

When I heard that Elon is antisemitic – I smelled a rat – sure enough legacy media with support of the Chi-Coms for whom Grusom cleaned up San Francisco – tried to make him out to be an antisemite. Everyone misspeaks from time to time. Even Ben Shapiro came out and said no – one tweet does not make an antisemite. But the narrative must remain.

The Abraham Accords are the biggest downfall for the Palestinians. This is from the ruler of Bahrain. I think he qualifies as an Arab.

In Israel, Arabs and Jews are both being attacked, both being brutally murdered on Oct. 7 and both fighting against Hamas.

Now Hamas is trying to claim that they didn’t know that it was a Music festival they were attacking, they are trying to backtrack – do the Holocaust denialism with in 60 days, not wait 40 years. I know, many stupid people around the world are buying the lies. Unfortunately they are the majority – the ones the world tells us we must believe because they are larger in numbers.

And so we go on, the Jews are sacrificing our sons and daughters to make the world a safer place – and because we do that – we are hated and reviled. Oh well. So be it.


Mostly the war

I’m starting with the happier stuff this time. Unfortunately Aytan has had behavior issues on the school bus – so on Tuesdays I pick him up. since this wonderful legacy ice cream shop is close to his school – I felt it was time for a treat.

Yes, he is very happy. He chose Mango and cinnamon ice cream. Another man who was waiting to place his order – couldn’t believe that I didn’t buy any for myself. He was very impressed with my will power. As he should be- I tasted some of Aytan’s – it is really really good.

And now, onto the war.

There is a major concerted effort, using all social media to continue the brainwashing of Israel being the worst nation on earth – well, they are including America now. So I am diligently sharing what I can and I am seeing on IG a lot more following – so I am reaching people. There are good people out there I hope you are one of them. Following the legacy news is worthless -but the truth is out there – As Scully and Mulder used to say. (if you know, you know).

It is disgusting to see the kind of things people are saying and doing. And this is from the ‘peace loving crowd’ so yeah, there is an effort to combat that.

Then we move on to humor

There was an amazing rally of almost 300,000 people on the mall is DC. no vandalism – no screaming for murder. Prayers, singing. A policeman guarding the rally said he got a years’ full of thankyous in one shift. Because Jews appreciate the work they do.

Images from the rally – I know a number of people who flew from LA to be there.

Since then we have learned that one woman’s body was found near the Shifa hospital, a young woman was recorded saying how she is doing well – then she was murdered on video – Hamas is the worst of what humans are capable of.

We know that a baby was born a hostage, don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, don’t even know if it or its mother are still alive.

I am so proud of this flag – I am so proud of most of the Jewish people – as far as I’m concerned there are two organizations that have completely sided with our killers – I won’t name them – but no, they have removed themselves from the Jewish people. Meanwhile, many non Jews have joined in fighting for decency and the western way of life.

Not all UCs’ are alike, my son and daughter in laws alma mater is one of the good ones.


A little bit of cross-stitch

Michael Ramirez, an amazing political cartoonist tells the truth and the Washington Post won’t print this, so I will.

A cousin was wounded in this war – Thankfully its’ not serious, he took a bullet to his arm and there is shrapnel. He will be fine. And I and his family are so proud that he is fighting for Israel and the Jews.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to get some Paliwood photos – the creation of pictures and movies of people with fake blood and injuries – if thousands are dead and wounded – there is plenty of real photos to share.

also, Israel has gone out of it’s way to help Palestinians escape their awful rulers to the southern part of the Gaza Strip (where I used to live) but not one single Arab country has offered them refuge – tells you alot about the muslim and Arab world.

Halloween was two weeks ago, so it is past time to share pictures.

Starwars and Harry Potter were a theme this year.

Woo-Hoo! 60% and here is what it looks like

I still love it, but right now, all I want is to finish this.

Almost at 75%. its a slog.

Meanwhile over at Tablet magazine – an online Jewish magazine there was an article (not linking-sorry) about the lefty Jewish knitter who supported every leftwing cause – from BLM, the Women’s march (all antisemitic groups) and are SHOCKED, I’M TELLING YOU SHOCKED, that not only is no one coming to their support now that Israel and Jews worldwide are attacked – but they themselves are being attacked.

I will no longer be silent – I was in an FB group with them – I voiced my schadenfreude. And yes, got angry responses – I don’t care . I’ve been the good girl quiet – while others maligned me – I don’t need to please people like that.

Now, I am off to mail 3 hats for Israeli soldiers as I start a fourth hat.


Turkey time

LOVE this guy. A Canadian who recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn so he could be among his peeps. One of the best voices for the Jews. Oh, and he is funny.

I have joined a group online that are knitting hats for Israeli soldiers as well as crocheting small dolls for children. I got a few friends here to join in.

Two hats done, am in the middle of the thirds. They put out a list of companies that are donating yarn and who isn’t. Cascade is! I remember years ago a stupid podcaster boycotted them because they donated to a conservative cause. At that point I stopped listening to her – I’m sure her feed is all pro Hamas these days. A company to Avoid, Manos Del Uruguay. They wanted the both sidism – so the organizers told them to pound sand. I rarely buy their yarn, I certainly won’t in the future. This hat is Lion Brand, I’ll be buying more of their yarn – they have always been a good bunch of people.

Turkey time! My favorite go to toy designer FunkyFriends has a very easy adorable pattern. Not as complicated as many of her others.

Look at that butterball!

View from the top, yeah, that is a ball!

He is waving! that is because the wind is blowing.

With ceramic Jack-o-lantern

His wings are from a fabric that has pumpkins on it – how appropriate

On the table. We are going out of town with the family for Thanksgiving. He will join us as well.



There is no decency in our elite Newspapers, like the NYT, The Washington Post or the LA Times. The actual truth is being shared in the Tabloids, that includes the Daily Mail. Also, I”m sure those girls have no shame – what they are trying to do is erase the knowledge that their side has kidnapped over 240 civilians from many countries. They want to scream genocide at Israel – with no proof. In doing so they must destroy the truth of who they really are.

Some interesting history of the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis. I have a friend who grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis and has no idea the beauty of this building.

I really didn’t have any time at all, the trolly stopped here for 10 minutes, which wasn’t enough time at all. So I just pointed my camera and started shooting. this building has the most mosaics in America, possibly in the Western Hemisphere.

I was wrong, Louisville is named for a different Louis. St. Louis was named for the only French King who was sainted.

Ok, I tried the gallery, you really can’t see much. So I’ll just be posting the images.

The designer of the mosaics was Gerdt Wagner – a German immigrant. Another immigrant Paul Hueduck started the Ravenna Mosaic company, with offices in both St. Louis and New York. The company existed from 1923-1988.

OK, so this is on the wall of a Cathedral – but God said this to the Jews first. We are a light to the Nations which is why the most evil dark force in the world today is massacring Jews in Israel and fomenting rage all over the West.

I can see some Art Deco influence here in the Madonna and Child

A lot of mosaics are simply decorative and beautiful. To the jerk who complained about spending money on this rather than feeding the poor (btw, churches do a much better job of that than any lefty group). How about all the people who worked on this project? They earned an honest living and raised good families while doing so.

Not to mention, as we see the most ugly things happening around us, beauty is important. Not art – if it is only meant to demean and tear down society.

This kind of beauty. I am so grateful that I experienced this, even if it was only for 10 minutes.


Paducah river wall

I have found the most amazing community, conservative Jews who love Israel and America. Who aren’t wishy washy about what is right and wrong in the world. I go every single Saturday – which means no more tours with the LA conservancy and although good stitching friends meet up on Saturdays – I don’t go. Here I am reading in perfect Israeli Hebrew – the blessing for the state Of Israel.

New billboard right around the corner from my house. I looked up the organization, they sponsor all kinds of stuff – not Jewish. It feels very good when non Jews stand side by side with us.

The other place that I saw a river wall was Vicksburg Miss. And there too they painted murals on the wall. The wall was built after the 1937 flood, and it appears that they can close off the openings with massive metal gates, so maybe it is still operational.

This is an ongoing project, of many many years. The images aren’t in historical order, which can bother some OCD people.

This is where the Tennessee and Ohio River meet. The Tennessee is on the right.

Here is the same spot, painted on the wall, when there was a real port here.

Port, industry, the town was once booming. Today it’s the quilt museum that draws people here. Like me!

I learned about Paducah being a place where Uranium was enriched from this wall! The plant operated from 1952 to 2018. I understand not wanting it by a city, but I hope we are still enriching Uranium somewhere in the US. The world is too evil not to. Not to mention that atomic energy is one of the cleanest around.

Love the old train, something else that isn’t here anymore – trains.

A mural of the houses of worship. I of course am highlighting the Jewish Temple. (btw, these are the older houses of worship – no mosques, today there is one, and I bet they are out there supporting Hamas). The Temple doesn’t exist anymore, it was built in the late 19th c. and looks very much like the one in Cincinnati. But most of the community moved to Louisville a long time ago.

There were Jewish merchants here for a long time, these days, there is a very old small Jewish community – the young people have moved to bigger cities. I completely understand – with the way the world is now – I feel better having many other Jews around me.

The downtown area is really nice. Because of the quilt museum there are a large number of creative stores – like knitting, embroidery and of course quilting.

I enjoyed this mosaic of handmade tiles – creativity abounds here!

One more stop, St. Louis on our way home.