I miss having a good LYS -local yarn store

There is a yarn store half a mile from me, I do shop there occasionally, but it is mostly what I call- the Unicorn poop store. 99% of the yarns are very colorful hand dyed yarns. It is nice to have some of those, but some basics are nice as well.

So, often I have to order yarns online which can be a real problem.

I am making a mosaic patterned shawl. And here is the problem, choosing colors online doesn’t allow me to see that the value of these two yarn is exactly the same so it’s not worth the work.

So I went back and ordered a black yarn – just to get major contrast

Here you can see the new project next to the old, you are seeing the contrast!

The pattern pops, which is what is needed.

There was an option to make the whole shawl with just two colors, I opted for the third color. First of all it it really tones down the black, by introducing the green. Second of all, initially I was meant to skip two rows with the green, as you can see from the first section, it is just too tight. So the green is now knit every row, but the increase will only happen every 4th row, we shall see if it is enough. If it isn’t – so be it, not frogging.

Another issue with buying yarn online – this yarn is very crunchy. Which is good for the mosaic patterning, but it is very scratchy, we shall see how it will be to wear this.

I am enjoying the project, so I will knit on.

Then there is the cross-stitch.

Yes, it is a sampler, and guess what – there is an owl! And this is where I start the owl.

I’ve changed colors here, I’m working with silks I have. I think the owl was meant to be darker and grayer, my grey is light purple and I’ve placed it in an area that should be darker – oh well, my owl is different.

Yes, he is a funky looking owl.

also, this past weekend was Needlework expo in Nashville, I’ve been looking at new pattern releases and I’m slightly underwhelmed. Don’t think this means I haven’t been buying patterns, I have, just not the brand new ones.

For Purim, Aytan wore his flying squirrel costume and LOVED the farm animals. Here he is literally using a baby goat as a pillow while other animals congregate around. I guess they like his calm energy rather than wild 3 and four year olds.


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