snow in the mountains and more Balboa Lake

Snow on the mountains, green green grass and what looks like a swamp. And yet, I am still in the San Fernando Valley.

Usually there is snow on the far right mountains, but not that low. And the mountains to the left – never have snow. Although, I don’t say never, because this is what CA does, every 20 years or so gives us massive rain and snow.

Luckily the clouds weren’t too low. Yesterday they just sat right on the mountains, so couldn’t see the snow.

The result of all the rain? huge trees fall, one right near me across a Main Street, they did get that one removed quickly. Since this is in the park, it might sit on it’s side for a while, yes it did fall on the path, so maybe not.

This is why they fall when the earth gets too soggy – very shallow root system.

from another angle.

Loving the deep green moss – if I squint enough am I in Ireland?

Must cherish this, because very soon it will all be brown.

I title this one, Puddle reflection and man with dog.

Ducks in a pond, except it is a puddle that will probably dry up soon.

Squirrel and duck, then he came towards me – probably looking for food. I’m keeping my distance – for all I know he is rabid.

Two pairs of geese in the marsh, aka another puddle.

Pigeon with feather leggings. I don’t know why, a whole crowd swarmed me, because someone else walked by and threw them crumbs. This was the only one with feathers on his legs. Go figure.


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