Challah cover, finished

Me, being me, I had to add to the design. So here we have 4/5 of the seven crops of the land of Israel. Lets’ say the side borders are both wheat and barley, or maybe just wheat. Then we have a border of pomegranates, of course I added another large one. Then I put in grapes and olives. Missing, are the fig – I couldn’t find a pattern small enough – and the honey- which actually represents dates, not honey bees. I could have found dates, but they’d probably look like the olives.

I need a border, so what better way then to make a patchwork border. In that wonderful stash I bought a few years ago I found these hand dyed pieces of cotton – perfect color.

A braided border, like the Challah that will be under this cover. This is before I backed the work.

and now, close ups.

I love the details. I love the sparkle in the fabric.

Can’t help but share the details.

With the Challah board.

The board was made 30 years ago by a couple at our synagogue – I use it every week. The sad thing is that way back when, the wife found out that I was a Republican – without asking me anything – she jumped to the conclusion that I was against abortion and cut me out of her life. Funny thing is, in those days I was a lot more pro-choice than I am today. Also, she was in her mid 30s and was so adamant against having children – because her career mattered so much more. I wonder how she feels now – since her career days are coming to an end – does she regret that that is all she had? No continuity after her?

I know, people chose not to have children and among the older women I know, I have heard regret, of course not from everyone – but there is regret. This was before cancel culture became a thing – and yet it happened to me. I still use the board weekly, I love it, I didn’t cancel them.


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