A look at architectural details

There is so much to love about this brick stairway, how it curves and undulates. How the walls are basic horizontal bricks with the top layer reversed. How they range from red to grey to even white – although that might simply be my camera in action. They are clearly old, because I don’t see anyone doing this kind of work these days.

Back to the Brand, Yes, it is cool to see the name through the arches. It is also very cool to see how the ogee design of the arch is repeated in the window in the door. The columns have taken inspiration from a number of styles. I do think the decoration is of acanthus leaves.

More of those arches, a little simplified. This building is Moorish revival – very popular in the early 20th c. Due to our similar climate – also quite appropriate.

Once again, the window has that wonderful fan shape.

Next time I need to go into the library itself. There is a lot of glare not he winds, but look at this incredibly carved Corinthian column, with that wonderful bracing arch on top.

Wow, what can I say. the upper window isn’t repeating the arch pattern, but filling the space with something new. Also, the leaded glass! Be still my heart!

Then we move on the the pictures I could get from the Japanese tea room

A Japanese Toro lantern, initially used in Buddhist Temples, has since become a common garden decoration. The bottom represents the earth, the center -water. The section that would hold the light – fire and the very top, air.

The tiles and eaves.

The shapes are so simple, much more so than the Moorish design in the library building. And yet, in simplicity one finds movement, serenity and beauty.

The juxtaposition of the Sharpe green leaves against the dark metal that looks like a wave. Such beauty!


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