Fall quilt update

I decided to put the name of the quilt right on the front.

I know, this is just a riot of color, its’ not easy to see the patterns, but there is a lot of symmetry here.

There we go, full title.

I need more borders, another Sew Kind of Wonderful element as well as a bear paw block. Bears live in the fall woods right?

The quilt needed to be a little longer as well as wider, so time for owls.

getting an image of the quilt top isn’t easy. I have a small clothes rack. This is the best I could get.

So lets’ look at close ups instead.

The quilting should be simple since there is so much going on here, knowing me, I won’t be able to do complete simple.

How about that owl!

I learn new fangled ways of doing things, then I go back to the tried and true. No more spray glue for me. Good old fashioned safety pins, well the bent kind made for quilting. I have gone back to paper charts for my knitting, although I have to admit, I really enjoy the cross-stitch charts on the tablet. Sure, I can do it from a paper chart, but being able to really zoom in, helps. Plus, I enjoy seeing my progress both on cloth and on the tablet.


The perfect backing. I had bought a bolt on sale for $20. This one is called game day and it celebrates all kinds of sports, yes, football being one of them. So what is more appropriate for fall then football? No, I never watch it but Joel does and this will be his quilt.

Even before it’s quilted, the batting and backing add so much support.

I’d love to get it quilted before Thanksgiving, like I don’t have enough to do with my cooking…


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