Another year, and this time, Thanksgiving was back to what it should be, the whole family as well as a guest who had no where else to go.

Thank you Kimi for taking the family pictures, each one has someone with their eyes closed or blurry, or looking away, which I think is the true spirit of family.

Aytan did not want to be in the picture! Meanwhile, Cam is holding an old lego project. You know how things disappear and suddenly appear again? I found an old box of lego that my kids used. Cam is the master lego maker, he found this, put it together, and the battery, which is at least 15 years old was still inside and it worked! Lights flashed noises were made.

No pictures of the food, lets just say it was delicious and many people went home with care packages.

I bought flowers from the LA flower Truck, they go downtown and buy the flowers at the flower mart. They are no cheaper from the truck, well maybe they are, you do get a lot of flowers. I added lemon and some bottle brush from the garden.

two lovely large arrangements.

Look how gorgeous the peonies are when open.

I needed the buffet for food, so the decorations are now surrounding the ancestors over the fire place.

I have probably already shared this image, but look closely at all the textures and reflections!

after the meal, when only these two guys remain, under the quilt watching Paw Patrol.

Of course, tradition when the boys sleep over is pancakes. Of course, pumpkin with chocolate chips.

On to another great year.


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