Mid week walk

Our Temple in conjunction with another Temple started a group for seniors. I’m not quite there yet, but figured, I can avail myself of some activities.

So I joined a hike, well really a walk.

Out in Chatsworth, looking for the old Stagecoach route from Simi Valley to Chatsworth.

It was a gorgeous fall day, the weather was perfect. The company was fine, I’m very much in a completely different lane than these people. Always have been, such is life. I’ll probably go on a few more hikes, but the older you get, the harder it is to make friends, and at some point I realize, it’s not worth it to me for people who are different from me in everything but the fact that we happen to be Jewish.

The scenery is beautiful, the air was clear. It was good to be outside.

Water tanks along the way.

We found the wagon road, now I understand it hasn’t been in use for over 120 years, railroads, cars replaced it, so the condition it’s in doesn’t indicate what it was like when in use.

Either way it was very steep. Only walked up a few feet.

There is a lovely park on the Chatsworth side, they are keeping this abode structure around. there is also a homestead building, where a family lived way back all those years ago. Open the first Sunday of the month. As well as a really nice recreation center. Life moves on, finding signs of the past gets harder.

That is the homestead in the background, nowadays, just a house. but look at the relic in front of it! Talk about old, I’m a little surprised it’s allowed on CA roads, it can’t be up to code.

Sure, the hippies were right – and now their descendants are doing everything possible to destroy civilization as we know it. I never thought they were right, they simply lived off their parents hard work and pretended to be righteous – at least one of them left this relic behind.


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