Fall decor

I should have put this up earlier in October, I didn’t. Knowing me it will stay up for a few weeks after Thanksgiving.

I think what it is, is that I don’t want summer to be over. We just switched off DST, I happen to like the longer daylight hours. I’m not bothered by the change – sure, it takes a day or two to get used to, so what? The people who complain the loudest are the ones who travel the world and never complain about jet lag. Its’ one hour – get over it!

Love this one. Although this will probably be replaced by my Channuka one right after Thanksgiving – it starts that Sunday night, one of those very early years.

Adding roses from the garden, as well as the bottlebrush and even a few leftover kumquats from last year – to a supermarket bunch of flowers. I do love my indoor flower arrangements.

Best holiday decoration!!! I finished it!

I probably already showed this one. I used a piece of the original 32 count Lugana that I bought for my Modern folk Embroidery SAL. I’m glad I was forced to switch, I went with 36. I am getting so spoiled, these days, it’s only linen I like, I find it so much more pliable and workable.

I worked on this one every day, and when I say I worked, I put in a lot of stitches. I also played around with the colors, added more than was called for. It’s all from my growing stash.

Jeep done! Turkey, almost done.

Here I am done with all the cross stitches, there are a few back stitches to add.

Here it is, back stitches, which really do add some dimension and it’s ironed!

I bought a 10″ diameter hoop. I wrapped it with fall color fabric. Then I cut a piece of quilt batting and put that behind the work. I did a very uneven lacing of the fabric.

Glued a backing fabric over the back as well, so it would be nice and neat.

I had also bought the stand at Jo-Ann’s. I notice that some of the fabric glue leaked to the front- yikes! Luckily, if you look back at the first image – you will see it dried to invisible. Very fun project, I will probably do more fall ones in the future. I don’t do Christmas and at this point what I have seen of Hannukah designs is rather yucky – just like Hannukah wrapping paper. Blue, white and silver, stars and menorahs. I’ll keep looking, but it won’t happen this year.


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