Back to a craft faire!!!

There was a real life craft fair in Pasadena this past weekend! Put on by Jackalope. I have enjoyed their shows in the past and did so this time as well.

Look! Canopies up in the park.

People walking around, enjoying themselves. And shopping, yes people were shopping.

Here is a vendor with her unique little skirt. I say unique, simply because I’m seeing a theme here, with a decorative band and pockets. There were a number of booths selling clothes. Since I sew myself, I passed.

There were plenty of ceramic artists, and yes, I did like their work, but I ended up buying other things. I like how bright and colorful this is.

As was this booth. There were plenty of people selling soaps and body lotions. Well, I get my soaps from my friend in Connecticut, she raises goats and uses their milk for her soap. As I age, my skin in getting sensitive, I swear by her soap. It makes a difference. Goatboy Soaps, highly recommend. I buy a lot of bars at once.

I think these were called dots. either floor mats for babies, or simply as cuddly blankets.

I tried not to take too many pictures, they vendors don’t like it, although they were fine with Jackalope putting up their booth pictures online – since that is how you advertise a show.

So what did I buy?? This gorgeous necklace from Amy Rivka of Arivka. Go take a look at her website. A gemologist who uses fine gold fill wire to crochet the bezels around these stones. The top stone is an American Tourmoline from Arizona and the giraffe turquoise is from The Bishop area of CA. We yakked away, she does beautiful work and her workmanship is exquisite. So that was first purchase.

I should have taken a picture of her booth! anyway, follow the link.

I bought a handmade steel knife, made from old steel tools. The handle is from a Napa valley oak wine barrel. very nice, only issue is it’s steel, I have to clean it right away. But it is sharp and handmade. The man who made was off wandering, his wife makes really interesting link Jewelry from metal links.

So yes, a very successful craft fair.

Then On Sunday I had some women over for a cross-stitching get-together. This is why I’m still on FB, I no longer post on my own wall, haven’t done so in years. I do join groups, and I joined the Southern CA stitchers. I put out the word that I’d like to get together and I have a lovely home to do so. There are 7 of us on the list, two couldn’t make it, but 5 of us had a wonderful afternoon. We are planning our next meeting at a restaurant. No I didn’t take pictures of us stitching.

One woman, Kendra, brought some magazines and patterns, so I’m now building a pattern library.

Or not, I am very capable of getting rid of these if I don’t want them. Right now they are sitting around. No I don’t make ornaments, but who knows what can be done with small patterns.

And now LA county is going hard-core again, masks inside, the craziness never stops. I just hope this causes a few more people to vote to recall Newsom. Sure you can say it’s the LA county health dept, but our dictator governor who is passing all kinds of laws unrelated to health, could step in and say no. But he didn’t. And there is no science behind this. Of course there is no science behind any of the lockdowns.


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