More Cancun

By the time I’m writing this, we are home. The joy hasn’t faded.

The sky was that blue as was the sea. The grandkids are adorable.

The whole family is amazing.

We were supposed to sail, it started raining so hard!

Here is a better view, the rain was a better bird deterrent than the hawks…

The sun came out quickly and yes, we did go sailing.

Club Med puts up these #s’. Lucky for us someone was there and took all of our pictures.

Slightly closer.

You get the idea.

During the night I think the teenagers came out and had fun and switched out the numbers. It was probably back to it’s official order the next day;

Westley enjoying a very chocolate dessert. The food was excellent, a lot of fresh food. veggies, fruits, fish and meat. As well as freshly baked breads and rolls. I must say, I am glad to get home to my own cooking. Vacation food is lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the kids.

Here we are, Mercado 28, no, I didn’t buy this lady, just fun to take a picture with her.

Vacations are so necessary, it truly recharged the batteries.


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