Enjoying life, not documenting every moment.

I had a party, one of my conservative get togethers. Where people from a variety of backgrounds get to socialize and share their opinions without a lefty thought police coming after us. There were Jews, Gays, Artists, College professor, a partner in a top notch law firm, blue collar workers… enjoying a beautiful evening in the garden with TACOS.

The only picture I took was of Leo, Elba and their daughter who did an amazing job catering the event. Anyone in the LA area who wants a great taco bar at a great price. go to Taco El Botanas, Leo, Elba and their daughter were great. One of the best things aside from the tacos was shaved ice! Well, really the best thing was that I didn’t do much work at all.

One of the guests is the woman who designed the wall paper that started my dining room redo. She loved the room, and how well her wall paper works here. So that was fun, showing off the designer in the room.

Henry brought his one of his gorgeous floral arrangements. Yes, he was aware of the new color scheme. Yes, that is a Babylon Bee mug, I’m a huge fan of theirs. Although it is my husband Joel who drinks from this mug.

So now, it’s playing with my macro lens and some close ups of these flowers.

These purple flowers were easy to capture.

The echinacea, a little harder, in a few days, when the flowers die, I will see if I can root this guy in a pot.

love these sprays of flowers

The artistic image that is so close you can’t really see the flowers.

I’m blessed to have good friends, to be able to throw a fun party and to receive such beautiful flowers


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