A lot of grandkids

We went to one of those large indoor play areas. the kids had a blast, even the toddler had to be where her brother and big cousins are – not in the baby area

They built up quite a house, and promptly destroyed it.

Just a few images from the play – all I can say is they had a blast and I got tired.

West loves his little cousin.

How cute the four of them are, holding hands as they walk into the restaurant.

Waiting patiently for a table.

That same afternoon we all went swimming.

Eyal got his Paw Patrol shirt, not sure now excited he is, I see that I am also reflected in the image.

Yes, she also got a dress… BTW, because of how fabric is printed, they didn’t include a bright pink, they used plenty of screen to print. So because of that, there is no Skye among the pups!

She has finally warmed up to her uncle.

Especially when he has a plate of chips!

I slept so well at night!


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