Cross stitch and fire engines

Working away, I am doing a one thread project. Each day I work with one thread, when it runs out, I move on, until the next day. Although, we are going on vacation, and I think I’ll be bringing this project with me.

I found this pattern online, it was free, not that it matter, I like it enough to have bought it.

Using a lilac colored linen and some over dyed thread.

I’m only using one (well, two, cuz its’ double) thread a day. I am not taking a picture a day, that would be beyond boring.

This is where I am after a week and a half.

Been doing a lot of work on Tom Foolery, the advantage here is that because it is such a haphazard sampler, mistakes simply don’t matter.

I think this was the halfway point. I am doing this one over two on Weeks Dye works 36 linen. This linen is very soft, I’m not crazy about it. As in, now I won’t buy it again. I’m finding that 36 is that in between size, so I do one over two or two over two? Here I’m doing one over two, and its’ fine. funny thing, Adams right leg ended up two over two, and I actually took it out. It really didn’t look good.

62%, I am also playing around somewhat with the colors. Honestly, I think this little girl was given a box full of leftover thread, so when she ran out of one green, she’s pick up another, same is true with the pinks.

Am I loving this? No, I think I like things more regulated. Maybe that is why I loved the Quaker Sampler. I’m glad I’m making this, but as I look for more antique reproduction Sampler, I go with a more regimented one.

Big excitement this week. Our immediate next door is a rental house. The owner takes care of absolutely nothing. So these huge trees have never been trimmed. A large branch fell and ripped out the whole electric power to the house across the street. The firemen showed up right away. They are literally cutting the live wire.

Then DWP showed up quickly as well. Nice that we do get city services here. Lately it’s been feeling like all the money goes to anyone but the tax payers.

The cut live wires! Yikes

Cherry picker going up to replace the wire there is the house it is going to across the street. Unfortunately, these people are also renters with a bad landlord. Its been five days and everyday an electrician is there, the whole power structure of the home was damaged.

Next, going on vacation.


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