I tried it!

My grandson wanted to take the slack line to the park. We did, but had to wait for his dad to set it up. And btw, in the future, dad will have to set it up.

He went first, did alright.

I love this image! one one the line, the other behind on the tree. Still using the safety line, at some point he will have to practice without it.

There is a lot of wobbling going on here, I didn’t take video.

I am actually wobbling back and forth here. A year with no yoga, my core is shot and one really needs a strong core to balance.

Hey, look at me! I let go with one hand! That is huge!

Trying to walk, but really relying way too much on the safety line.


Of course, my son did best of all, one hand off.

Two off! and walking!!

Other kids came around and tried, it was fun for everyone. I hope they do it some more.


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