The design project is over! the final chairs for the breakfast room arrived. Samantha came over with a stylist and a photographer to document everything for her portfolio.

The photographer took this image with my camera and the news lens. She was impressed, phew! Cuz I spent a lot of money on this lens. There is no such thing as one perfect lens, this one will has some nice features and gives a very sharp image.

This is the styled version. As Samantha says, this is not how you lived this is pictures that make things look good for publicity. So here is one thing I noticed, Courtney, the photographer, raised one of the candle holders, it looks great in the picture, but IRL, you do’t do that.

She brought most of the objects, I provided many as well, which is fun. Notice the goblets, I bought those from her. Why not, they are unique.

Looking at the bench.

Notice how few pillows there are here? I had to rib Samantha, she wanted a ton of pillows, we cut back, in this image, a few are completely removed.

I put back one or two pillows.

I prefer this more open look.

Once again, staggering the candle sticks. These are my Shabbat candle sticks, they get used every Friday night, and no, to with these kind of fancy tapers. I do like the reflection of the ancestors in the mirror.

While styling, Samantha put up a painting her father had painted, also nicely reflected. And no, that was not for sale.

Nicholas did a great job staging this little cabinet, using many of my own pieces, I left some of them were he put them.

He arranged a whole bunch of goodies for the shoot. And then, left most of the food here. We sent Nicholas home with the bread and some of the sweets, there is only so many carbs that I need.

The chairs arrived! Gorgeous, comfortable. This is how the delivery guys placed them and I LOVE it! So did Samantha, so they will stay this way.

The stylized shot, well, my version.

The chairs are very comfortable, and yes, I also bought the white vase. It is such and unusual shape, I like that I can put in fewer flowers and still have a statement.

So its’ done! We pretty much came in on budget. We upped the budget a little part way through because of the kitchen. Having the kitchen painted was a must and having it done at the same time made all the sense in the world. But it wan’t exactly part of the dining/breakfast room. So it is all a win. I’m thrilled.

We’ve been hosting people and it is delightful. I am very happy.


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