Macro Photography

I bought a new lens for my camera, no not macro, just a good all around lens. The basic one I bought with the Sony A7III is fine, but all the photographers recommend better lenses. So I bought one. That made me go out in the yard with the macro and get pictures. I need to get better at this macro stuff.

This is what a tomato flower looks like. Regardless of the tomato, the flowers all look the same.

Here is a tomato, finally ripening! That is one tomato, not two, its’ an heirloom and I can’t wait to bite in. I will, it has to be nice and ripe first!

I have a couple of Alstroemeria plants and capturing them close up on camera is fun.

God’s paintbrush.

Yes, I pick them and bring them indoors with the roses for floral arrangements.

Lets’ follow the the progress of the Hydrangea flower.

Will this deepen into pink? I did add acidic food in the winter, to try and turn them purple – clearly not enough.

Oh well, beautiful in pink.

Finally, a rose.


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