making bags is addictive

Once you start…

I love the bag I made for my friend. I have an old drawstring bag for my knitting, yes, I made it, yes, it is nice, but I want something new!

In my new to me stash I have some very nice Kaffe fabric, look at the size of those flowers! And the color!

Once again, batik for the drawstring part. A fun bright print for the pocket as well as edging the pocket with baby pompom tape. Also, I bought some webbing tape. maybe the color isn’t perfect, but it’s there in the little yellow print.

Oops, when I gave my friend her bag I forgot to put in my label. so on my bag, that is staying with me – I put it in.

A friend who needlepoints needs this pair. She is having a house warming party in a few weeks.

More Kaffe fabric with batiks! There are a few more people who could use a nice project bag, so much fun!

Another bag, a thank you gift for teacher Julie, the one who runs the Grandma and me program I go to with my granddaughter.

I’ve had this fabric for a while. Time to cut into it.

This time I remembered to put in my label.

Brave new world, I bought this pull at JoAnns. On the package there was a QR code, Of course I clicked and saw a little video with instructions for installing the pull. I’m glad I did! I probably could have figured it out, I do appreciate replacing the old pull.

I added a cute pair of scissors that apparently I had lying around. I had previously bought this little embroidery kit, since when I mentioned embroidery, Julie has already tried her hand at it.


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