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I couldn’t stay away from quilting for too long!

I had bought this pattern on Ebay last year. It is a Judy Niemeyer, but it is out of print. Lucky for me, someone bought the pattern and never used it. These patterns are one use only, since it’s paper piecing, printed on newsprint. Which is fine, once will be enough.

Shopping in the time of Covid. The local quilt store is closed on Sunday and I was itching to start. So I went online and ordered some fabric. It’s been over a week, it might be a few more weeks on when it arrives. So during the week I went back to the store and bought fabric. This pattern calls for jelly rolls. I didn’t buy enough fabric, which is good, because at some point the fabric I ordered online will show up.

There were a lot of glitches with the first section. It takes a while to remember how to do the paper piecing. No, you can’t see the problems, even this one worked out fine.

This is what it looks like on the back side.

Sewing the pieces side by side.

Judy always works her patterns with batik. The one other of hers that I made, was anything but batik. This time I decided to go with it and I think it’s the perfect fabric.

There is a subtlety to batiks that make a pattern like this sing. Sure, I could have done it in solids or even tiny Civil War reproduction prints. But what can I say, I am very happy with this. And I’m having fun! That is the most important thing, to have fun creating something beautiful.


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