The beach

Its been a while since I’ve been to the beach. Sure, I go every week to see the grandkids. The younger one is back in daycare. The older one who is supposed to be in kindergarten spends about 90 minutes online. So since mom and dad work, I have fun with him.

This is his teachers’ front yard. I do appreciate wholesome Halloween. Its’ the gruesome body parts I hate. I’m not even bothered by the skeletons or ghosts. Anyway, He made a card for her and wanted to deliver it. My son said: put it in the mailbox. Nope, Westley marched up and knocked on the door. She was THRILLED! I am so sad that he isn’t in the classroom with her! The perfect kintergarten teacher. So that was a great success.

Then we went down to the beach. Not many people, initially West was good and only got his feet wet.

A sailboat!!!

Then it was time to drag in huge heavy pieces or complete kelp plants. I didn’t get a picture, but kelp is otherworldly, and HEAVY! By then West was all wet, so on the walk back, I let him run in the water.

He ran, he fell face down, he was soaking wet head to toe. Luckily both the water and the air weren’t too cold.

Although dictator Newsom is killing businesses right and left, like Disney. Slowly other things are making a comeback, like the swings at the beach! Here he is soaking wet, loving the swing, he did jump off into the sand and become one big sand ball. The outdoor hose and bathtub were used as soon as we got home.

I love it when a homeowner uses the local references in the home design.

I picked Cam up from daycare and we stopped at the playground. There are a ton of kids there, it is so nice!!! Back at home, the two boys now play almost every day with the two girl neighbors. There is a silver lining to everything. They might not have met if not for the lockdown.

When I left Westley gave me the biggest, bestest, hugest hug. It really means the world to him to have me spend time with him. I know Cam likes it as well, but he is busy during the day with friends.

And finally, the cutest little redhead around. Pay no attention to the bruise on her forehead, she is in the very first stages of walking and gravity has a way of winning out. I bought the fabric for her sheet, Dad sewed it up. So perfect for a little girls crib! Now she and I have a similar quilt as well. This is one of the few times when I repeated a pattern.


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