Odds and ends from Tahoe

By now, you are probably bored with my Lake Tahoe trip, although it’s not like I have anything exciting to share from home. So here goes, the odds and ends.

We stopped in Truckee, I always like to take pictures of fraternal lodges. I don’t know it they are still in operation. I have heard that some are. These organizations have always done a lot of good for the community. Just having fellowship is a good thing.

A monument to Californians who fought in WWI, I wonder when this was installed? It is rare to see WWI memorials.

Notice the dates, America was only involved for a little over a year, but that was the decisive year that ended the war. Well, brought about an end to the fighting, until it all erupted again in 1939.

Didn’t get to the Donner museum or park, I bet the museum was closed. It seems so strange today, when it is so easy to get around that people were stuck up here, starving to death, so close to Sacramento. It is true, there still are years with really harsh snow storms. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared, The Gods of The Copybook headings are always coming back.

How about a beautiful planting of flowers in an old wagon on the street in Truckee?

We visited the railroad museum in Carson City. There is so much history to be learned when a museum concentrates on one topic.

At certain times, these trains will go out for a spin around the yard. Today, the steam engines are run on jet fuel, hey, jet fuel has a shelf life. But even somewhat degraded, it will move a train.

Another fascinating topic I could learn more about is geology. How did this one round rock get enclosed by this sandstone? I you haven’t noticed by now, I have a sharp eye for unusual things.

Finally, a barn quilt. Not sure the structure is a barn, but this is what we call a barn quilt block, looks like it is an intended selfie spot.

Here is the ‘selfie’, Joel took the picture. And look! I match the block!

I’m starting a new quilt. A good friend just bought a craftsman house. Isn’t this the perfect gift? More on this as I go along.


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