Towns on the central coast

Adorable little beach communities, that is pretty much what I have to say. Drove PCH through adorable towns, but didn’t stop to take pictures. First real stop was Pismo Beach.

This blade sign up on the roof of a hotel stands out as a beacon.

Apparently the building was built in 1937. I do like it when the build date is easy to see.

California to the max! An Art Deco blade sign with a Palm Tree right next to it.

This sign says it all! So true, The central coast is a culture unto itself, as it should be.

Better look at the sign, with the Pismo sign in the background.

Onto Cambria, their Main Street isn’t right on the beach. Maybe because Cambria is more on a cliff. They do have lovely old homes that are either an Inn as in this case, or have become businesses.

Like these buildings.

An adorable gift shop. LOVE the signage. How cool is this!!! Yes, they had lovely items inside, no, I didn’t buy anything.

There is a famous yarn store here, I went in, I did buy a pair of needles, but I was very disappointed. I mentioned that I was knitting a shawl with Malabrigo yarn. And the guy who sells mostly Manos Del Uruguay gave me a lecture about how Malabrigo is made in China and is a knock off of Manos. Wow, way to make me want to buy yarn from you. So I went online to check out both companies…

Manos was started by ‘do gooders’ – those elites who come in and are going to save the native women by giving them piecework to do. It is now a large company, so hopefully they are paying these woman working wages, from my research into these kind of endeavors? The Elites do fine, the woman, not so much. Meanwhile, Malabrigo was started by two brothers as a way to make money. Yes Capitalism, no statement about helping the poor people, simply, we started a company, we hired people – win win. Also, all of their production is in Peru. So someone is lying about China, I’m going with that shipowner in Cambria. Oh he put me on his mailing list, guess what, it’s going straight to spam.

On to San Luis Obispo, I already showed you the Mission. Next door is their historical museum, not open unfortunately. I love local history. This was a library, I wonder if it was a free Carnegie Library.

Love the details!

Then on into the downtown area, a lot of beautiful buildings.

Beaux Art on a small scale in a small town. Love, love love.

Another example of Beaux Arts. Although the central window look much more Art Deco. Those circles may have been added latter. I know, the awning does break up the building. But it is being used and awnings are important, so I can live with this.

I wish I knew what the 1991 stand for. clearly this was built in 1908, but what was the business? What ended in 1991?

The building spans the whole block, so here it is from the other side. It looks like this was the original front of the building. They still have the original awning over the front. Also, the lovely circle in the facade. Either way, nice building, glad it was saved and being used. If Ross hadn’t come in to use the space, someone might have simply knocked it down and built something ugly. So I’ll put up with the awnings.

On our way south, we stopped in Solvang. It was a little sad, businesses suffering terribly from the lockdown. But the Danish Architecture is on full display. Not just the Dutch had windmills.

And now, back home, back to our Governor doing everything in his power to destroy business in our state. On top of that the teachers unions feel that they get to dictate education policy or even beyond education. Not teach the children and still get payed. I would love to see the destruction of what has become our public education, I mean indoctrination. But while this happens, too many children are being harmed. Also, once the kids leave school, many wont come back. And when there aren’t enough kids, there wont be a need for all these teachers…..


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