Destroying religion and History in CA, the missions

I woke up Saturday morning to read the news that in the early hours of the morning, a fire was started in the Church at the San Gabriel Mission. The fire rapidly destroyed the roof and a lot of the interior of the church. Due to our overlords, who seem to want to make this country Marxist as soon as they can. churches and synagogues and who knows, maybe Mosques are off limits. This is by design, take away the place where people find comfort and it’s easier to get the mobs going.

The grapevine over the arbor is the original one brought to CA. Yes, lets’ all celebrate the wine industry in CA, it was brought by the missionaries as part of the religious practice. But let’s keep the wine and dispense with all that God stuff.

When I heard that in SF they tore down the statue of Father, or should I say St. Junipero Serra, I felt a chill go up my spine. This has nothing to do with ‘black lives matter’. This is about destroying religion and our history. Will they go after the Statue outside the mission in San Gabriel? They did much much worse, they went after the church itself. Had the church been in use these last four months, it probably wouldn’t have been that easy, but our government hates religion. Heck, they hate us.

I just read that the mission had removed this statue after the one in SF was destroyed, I bet it was outside Mission Dolores, which is one of the Serra missions in San Fransisco. Its not about destroying statues, its’ about destroying religion, so they torched the church. I made a donation for the restoration. I now LA archdiocese has a lot of money, I don’t care, this is my heritage too.

I just read that this statue was moved recently, probably because of the destruction. Thank God, the huge Altarpiece, Original from 1771 wasn’t damaged in the fire. A roof will be rebuilt, the pews restored. Btw, next Saturday is when the church was going to reopen. Satan clearly didn’t want that to happen.

There she is, the oldest grape vine, or maybe it’s a cutting from the 240 year old vine, but for anything to be that old in CA, its’ special. Mission San Gabriel suffered earthquake damage in the early 19th century and was rebuilt. It will be rebuilt again. I have faith that through all this awfulness, God will come out stronger, it’s just going to be a long ugly battle with the forces of communism.

On our recent trip I saw the exterior of two missions. Funny, Mission La Purisima was open, we didn’t stop in, because Missions are my interest, Joel couldn’t care less. La Purisima is the one mission that never was given back to the church. It is a State park, very interesting, but the soul is gone.

I got pictures of the exterior of the San Luis Obispo Mission. This mission was built one year after San Gabriel. The missions were built quickly, they range from San Diego up to Sonoma. They were part and parcel of the effort to settle California. I know, it’s chic to say how awful the missions were for the locals. I don’t buy into the idea that a Stone Age culture, which is what the natives were, was so much better than what the west had to offer. We are seeing today on our streets and cities what a Godless primitive culture does – how many inner city people, mostly black have been murdered in the last month???

The bells, each mission has an interesting story about the bells. This one was closed, so even had I wanted to take a tour, I couldn’t.

Beautiful, peaceful, in a park in the middle of town. I know that all the other missions are upping their security right now. Btw, these aren’t the only Churches being attacked. All over the country marxists are now attacking the churches themselves, not just statues. It never stops with statues. Some of them are being attacked when people are in them. We are living in horrible times.

I pray this is true! May they open soon. As for me, I’ve been an outcast in my Jewish congregation for years. My political beliefs are forbidden. Sure there are other Republicans, but they are proudly Never Trump. So it’s OK. Me, I vote Republican because I have no choice, but it’s not the political party that I feel affinity to. I’m a conservative, I share many values with other conservatives. Like a true American, I have the right to pick and choose my beliefs, and I’m really not in lockstep with any ideology. So yeah, I feel homeless religiously, and since our Temple won’t open for years if they can help it, I have no place for spiritual comfort. The online garbage is just that, as long as the Rabbi isn’t spewing his hatred against people like me (which he often does), then being in community for prayers has been helpful for me. But that won’t happen for a very long time.

Mission Santa Inez in Solvang was open! I walked onto the grounds. It was late, we were tired, I know that Joel didn’t want to go in here. So I will need to make a trip on my own and visit another time. Such is life.

These missions are what helped build California, I have no doubt that they and the other religions that are flourishing during these dark times, will do so again. The Godless hatred that is sweeping our country now will not prevail.

The best thing about this? That a member of the clergy was using this spot. It empty. There probably had been a service earlier today. May there be many more.

God bless America, now more than ever we need his blessings.


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  1. A sad, but important blog post. Well done, Leah. I am blessed to have found a wonderful church which is open for worship. It is not my church, which will not be opening for months, but perhaps it will become my church.

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