Madonna Inn

I have driven by here, but never gone in. That needed to change.

A few pictures from outside, notice, pink makes an appearance. We will see much more inside.

Madonna Inn = kitsch. That is all there is to it. A lot of pink, a lot of roses and a lot of grapes. All seen here in the carpet.

Regestration is in another building, as you enter the main building there is an information desk. Beyond that, the steak house. I was unable to get reservations here, so we ate in the Copper Cafe, at least we could order from the Steak House menu. Not a steak, but a lovely dinner.

climbing the staircase and looking down. I’m pretty sure that is a massive stone chimney.

That is a lot of Pink, which I think is the point of it all. The hotel was built in 1956, burnt down (by someone who hates pink???) and rebuilt in 1958. It’s claim to fame was that every single guest room had a theme and they were all different. didn’t see the rooms, but they have been updated, maybe a little less kitsch, but still, all different.

Some more Decor.

Paintings of the founders, Alex and Phylis Madonna. Today many children and grandchildren are involved in the hotel. These days there is a shopping center next door, Since the Madonnas owned 1000 acres, I’m pretty sure they built the center. Especially since it is called Madonna Plaza, they sort of have rights to the name.

Absolutely crazy, over the top, chandelier. Wine barrels, cupid, glass grapes. Where else would you find something like this. Probably because the whole place is over the top, it all just feels right.

OK, more kitsch, well this is very expensive kitsch, probably from Italy. Since it came from Hearst Castle up the road. It is marble, that is impressive inlay on the newel post. Even high end materials can end up being the ultimate in kitsch. Alex Madonna was friends with W.R Hearst, figures, two very eccentric people.



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