Flora and Fauna

It’s nice when a weekend affords me so much material for a number of posts. I have a few more coming. After months of lockdown, anything outside of my routine is a breath of fresh air.

Lets start with the color purple. I have no idea what this flower is, but close up, it sure is pretty. It’s on a bush, it’s pretty small. Yay for a good camera and lens.

Look at this huge artichoke, also purple. I’m probably a little overdressed here. I was prepared for a cold weekend. It wasn’t cold at all, but here I am, getting ready for an evening walk, all bundled up.

Then we have the yellow Prickly pear flowers. Love how these are in different stages, from full bloom, to dying back and just leaving the fruit.

Moving on to red, a clump of dried seaweed with a feather caught among the strands.

How about the red bark of this tree. It’s very red, I didn’t touch up the color at all.

contrasting with the grey.

Speaking of grey, driftwood in the sand.

I was trying to get the ocean in focus, that didn’t happen. Sometimes the result is better than my original plan, once more, the details of driftwood.

It was the 4th of July. I love so much about this image, the girl on her horse with the flag, she was doing a photo shoot with a friend. I love the power plant in the background. this is at Moro Bay, the fog is rolling in. Sure, the power plant can be viewed as a blight on the landscape, I view it as a wonderful part of America, that gives us the power to live free wonderful lives, with all the comforts of modernity.

The photoshoot.

More horses and gals on the beach. Everyone was having a great time on the beach on the 4th.

And then there is the cow, this will lead into the next post, the amazing Madonna Inn.


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