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Its been a long time since I shared any progress on my Posh Penelope quilt. The first blocks I made had neutral backgrounds, but they were prints.

I added a few with a solid white background and realized that I needed a lot more of that. Otherwise the quilt was just to busy. Also, notice the block on the lower left corner? It didn’t make it into the quilt, it was just too busy and the flower gets lost in the background. It will probably show up on the back of the quilt.

At one point, long before I had completed all the blocks, I started putting them together.

You’ll notice that initially my rows were 6 blocks long. I added a seventh block. This is going to be another big quilt for my bed. The project is taking a long time, its’ dragging. Sure, I have way too much time locked up at home, but I can’t quilt full time. Just doesn’t work for me. So I’ve been working slowly. I don’t buy into the theory of quilt in a day.

Also, I stopped using any other backgrounds than white. I even had to go and buy a lot more white.

And its’ Done!!! As I added on rows, I flipped the quilt, so I’d add a row to the bottom, flip the quilt and add the next row to the bottom. I have a ton of small pieces of fabric in my stash. Most of this is from stash. I bought some pinks from Quilty Pleasures as soon as they opened after the first lockdown. I want to support local quilt and yarn stores. A few weeks later I bought a large quantity of solid white from Candys Quiltworks. This is not the full quilt, there will be a border.

A new company has emerged, Applipops, they advertise like crazy on IG and FB. It is an interesting method of using metal templates to create ‘perfect’ circles. My friend bought a set, I borrowed it from her and after a few tries, immediately went and ordered two sets for myself. The problem with one set is that one can only prepare 4 circles at a time. Since often the inner circle would be the outer circle for another set.

I made the bias vine using KKBs’ template. The leaves are freehand using the appliquick method. And a first for me, I am sewing these down by machine, not hand. Using monofilament and a small zigzag. I tried the blind hem stitch, didn’t work too well. Now I am sorry I didn’t take the machine appliqué class with the guild when I had the chance. Life is full of regrets, so be it.

Looking good and its growing fast! I cut 4 strips the length of the quilt, so all that fabric I bought? I’ve used it up. I marked 1/2″ on one side, that will be the side I sew onto the quilt. I didn’t center the vine, because I want some extra fabric on the border when I quilt. I will probably cut it back once I’m done quilting and I’m squaring up the quilt.

Here is what it will look like once I’m done. Oh, and those circles? Initially, not so perfectly round, of course with practice they are getting better. If I were sewing them by hand they would be perfect. I am sewing them on the machine that doesn’t have a knee lift, so I am constantly having to lift and shift the fabric. Of course I’m just being super picky right now. As you can see, it looks wonderful and once quilted it will be perfect. As for the quilting, oy, I’m not even thinking about that yet.


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