Rocks and trees

It’s not just sand and dunes, there are plenty of rocks.

The most famous is this rock in Moro Bay. Look at this incredible rock! This could be a postcard. Such blue skies, the stark details against the sky.

Reflections and the little bird poop rock off to the side. I just know that eons ago that was an arch that connected to the big rock, and before that, it just was part of the big rock.

From a different angle. There are many birds nesting here, even two sets of Peregrine Hawks. Speaking of wild life, there was a dead seal on the shore, no, I saw it from afar and certainly, no pictures.

rocks are meant for fishing, this is the inlet side of Moro Bay. Much calmer than the open sea.

Another great perch. That white foamy stuff is natural, so I am told. It certainly moved around with the tide.

Notice the fog is rolling in. People love to build rock towers, plenty to work with here.

The rocks here are very angular. Coming off that huge behemoth behind me.

Great engineering skills.

Comparing to the rock towers in New Zealand. River rocks, so much rounder and smoother.

The fog rolls in.

… an in.

Later, looking back at the rock from Cayucos, a much larger fog layer obscuring most of the rock.

Right off Shell Beach, a huge detached rock that is home to hundreds of bird. No fox or coyote can get out here.

Erosion will have its’ way. First detach this rock from land, then undermine it from beneath.

At some point it will look like this. Somepoint could be hundreds of thousands of years in the future. When it comes to geology and erosion, I can’t keep track of time.


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