Another weekend, another getaway, this time up to the central coast. Good thing, since beaches and restaurants were open.

Our first stop was Guadalupe Sand Dunes. I always think of beach sand dunes being an east coast phenomenon. Or maybe the Great Lakes. So it was time to take a detour and see the dunes right here in California.

These dunes are on the move, covering the road with sand. I normally see these kind of poles up in the mountains, to mark the road during snow. There must be a plow that comes by often. Since the beach itself is a state park.

A bit of clear road and the ocean beyond.

And yet, copious amounts of sand. I had to laugh in the beach parking lot there was a ranger sweeping the sand. I asked him if he regretted the Sisyphean task? No he found it relaxing, no one was telling him to do, he did it on his own. God bless the man who finds joy in his daily job.

Things do grow on the dunes, and keeps them in place. This sand dune runs from Gudalupe north to Pismo Beach. a lot is covered in vegetation. That was what was nice here. Isolated with a great expanse of dunes. Well, not really isolated, there were people on the beach, but with the low fog it felt very otherworldly.

The local river ends up as a marsh/lagoon close to the beach

We drove Hwy 1 the rest of the way, a lot of cute little towns along the way. Here we are at Pismo Beach, a wide relatively protected beach. Many people out this weekend enjoying outdoors. Also, not overcast! The central coast is known for it’s marine layer in the summer. Not as bad as San Francisco, but very common. Which is why this weekend was so glorious.

Pismo Beach Pier, dang, most of the piers were closed down!!!

So was the Pier at Avila Beach. I love a good pier! With the boys, they’d rather be in the sand and the waves, so one of these days, I need to stay late and go back and walk their pier.

I don’t know what these birds are, but they are at Moro Bay on the sand.

Speaking of Moro Bay, the Rock! more pictures in another post. Can you believe how clear it is??? by the time we left, an hour later, the fog was rolling in.

There are dunes up here as well, maybe I got my info wrong and the dunes go further north. Or maybe it’s not contiguous. Either way, California! Sand, palm trees and purple mountains in the distance.

An open Pier!!! Cayucos I LOVE you!

Not to mention, what an adorable little beach town!

At the very end one the pier, these aren’t seagulls! They are pigeons!! Interlopers, cultural appropriation!!! Must not be allowed!

After all that sand, it is only fitting to close out this post with a glorious wave. Yes, surfers were having a good time.


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