Ahh, the beach

Yes, the sun was shining, the wind was up, but I took a two mile walk/run along the beach with the grandkids.

They have been there a few times already. Well, that is why you move to a beach community isn’t it??

It was probably my first time in 10 weeks. Look how blue! Yup, the waves were high, we did see a paddle boarder fall off his board trying to get beyond the surf. I’m not sure he made it.

Chilly, so I was bundled up, yes the smile is real. What a relief to be here, to walk along the waters edge, getting just a little wet. The boys of course got a lot wet and sandy.

The red tide is still here. There was a lot of foam deposited by the waves. The small wasn’t great, but it’s still an ocean small. The foam had a yellow tinge to it, not red. I don’t know if there is anymore bioluminescence. This foam is very strong, I saw the wind blow balls of it up the beach. Normally foam disappears quickly, not now.

Heading towards the pier. Look at those clouds, we don’t often see clouds like that.

Yesterday it really rained hard. I know, not easy capture rain in a photograph.

Getting closer, about this point we met a fisherman who pulled out a large white fish right from the surf. I asked if it was going to be dinner, nope, catch and release. This was the second fish he caught today. And being a fisherman, he knew the names of the fish. We watched him return the fish to the ocean. No pics, sometimes I enjoy the moment without recording anything.

Almost there. I wish there were people on the pier, but our state is desperately trying to keep as much of a lockdown going as they can. At this point, it has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with the power and control of our rulers.

This cute girl had a photographer friend with her, a lot of pictures were being taken.

There she is again! Photobombing! We walked beyond the pier, I thought we’d turn back at that point, but now, we kept going. Finally I had to turn the boys around and head back. By now, they were running and jumping in the surf. By the time we left the shore, both boys were drenched and full of sand. A quick shower was called for at home. I think they both might have napped, I know I needed one!


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