walking the neighborhood (without a mask)

If I’m in a crowded area, like waiting in line for an hour and a half at the postoffice. I wear a mask. One of the postal workers who wasn’t doing anything didn’t have a mask on, of course, he is part of the guvment, rules don’t apply to him. Also, he gets a full salary for parading around in front of us doing nothing.

But out in the neighborhood? No, sure other walkers around, but we were at least 10′ apart not, just six. I’m tired of my mayor lecturing and hectoring me, if you obey my draconian rules I might loosen up a little. Clearly, it’s about punishing us, not protecting us.

This was a little strange for me. I look down an alley and I see these three garages with orange doors. Looks like this would belong to a small apartment building.

But no, I walk around to the front and I see this lovely single family house. So now I’m thinking that having that 3 car configuration for a garage actually saves space and gives them a larger back yard. Genius! Also, I do love the orange doors. Notice the front of the house doesn’t have any orange. Well except maybe for a chair on the porch, but the paint is very staid. Pretty, but average colors.

At two separate houses I saw massive Halloween blow up decorations. This is probably a 7′ high gate into the property and good old Jack Skellington is towering over it. He is huge!

Another house has this TRex with a pumpkin. Also a pumpkin by the front door.

Same house, other corner, more decorations. I have walked by these houses in the last few months, these decorations are new, they haven’t been here since Halloween. Is someone pining for normalcy, or are they saying nothing will ever be normal again?

Thank God grandkids are normal. Shira got a haircut. Aytan also got a haircut, I just didn’t get a picture.

West and Cam went to the beach! yay, I get to go next week!

Einav is at the stage of feeding herself, the spoon ends up on the floor immediately. So does a lot of the food. More of it is on her face than in her belly. Well, that’s not true, she is chubby and healthy, so she is getting enough in her. She is crawling, sitting up and has two new teeth!!

Eyal is fascinated with closets and also is basically toilet trained! Amazing! He goes on his own, even at my house he announces that he has to go! Huge milestone, especially for the dads.

Gerbera blooming

Can’t wait to see the flowers! I bought this guy exactly a year ago at a succulent sale, I so wish I could be back there now.

I bought this chocolate mint one week ago and of course, it’s in a pot, it has exploded in one week. So I’ll be taking a cutting for my son when I go visit him at the beach this coming week.

Look at the new growth, this mint is happy.


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