History repeats itself

So when my middle son Elk was about 2.5 years old, we were swinging him, as parents will do…. Yup, he slipped, fell on his face and had to have a tooth removed. Yup, guilty as charged.

OK, the second picture looks almost like the same person but not quite. That is Elks’ son Cameron, 4 years old. And he too has that gap in his mouth… Hmm, history repeats itself? Well not quite. No one ‘did anything wrong’. When his teeth came in, two teeth were fused together, at one point one of them died and infection set in. So out came the two teeth. It is just funny that it is the exact same location in the mouth, and yes, the two are very similar. Elk was already building with Duplo blocks at age one and is now an engineer. Cameron loves regular lego and at four has built some very impressive things with lego. We shall see if he becomes an engineer. right now, like father like son.

This little cactus is getting ready to flower.

Almost there.

There we go, fully open! Like the irises, this flower won’t last long. It is delicate and beautiful and is meant to attract some bugs to pollinate it. But producing this kind of flower is a lot of effort and energy for a cactus. So I’m enjoying it will it’s here.

Much bigger yellow, the hibiscus. At least this bush continues to bloom, so it’s not just a few day event.

Out on a walk, Matilija poppy.

This is actually a hydrangea plant. Not your typical flower, but oh so beautiful.

The flower of a wandering Jew. Don’t see too many of these plants anymore. They were popular houseplants in the 80s and here in CA, grow very well outside.

A close up of another succulent. Can you tell I’m having fun with my macro lens.

Someone used an old door as a gate. I love this kind of arrested decay.

What an inviting porch swing.

How weird is this? It is by the trash, so I guess they are done with it. Was it a self made to order Sewing dummy? The kind that you use to get a perfect fit when sewing clothes? Or was this a prop in a play? Who know, I just know that I enjoy all these discoveries as I walk around the neighborhood.


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