I don’t enjoy Disneyland, at my age, I don’t care for the rides. The crowds are overwhelming and the frenetic noise level of rides, activities is too much for me. But I love my grandson Aytan very very much. He is turning 10. I know, hard to believe. He loves Disneyland. So for this special birthday I went with them to Disneyland.

Disney invented crowd control and line management. Their employees are trained to be very friendly and kind. They now have a whole area as you exit the parking structures where we went through security. I told the security woman who checked my bag that airports could learn from them – her reply – you mean to be kind and friendly? In our dreams!

Our first stop was the newer park, It is still called CA Adventure, but all the activities and rides are tied into Disney products. I understand, this is what people are looking for and it works. I do like the mostly Art Deco influence here. This wasn’t a time of taking a lot of pictures, they just do it well.

Shira is such a ham!! Aytan was pretty quiet, at the end of the day he became gregarious. But he was having a great time, I skipped the Galaxy ride, I don’t like massive drops. He told me it isn’t scary, it is reality. Go Aytan!

Becky has an annual pass that lets her download the pictures. So here we are. Yes, the rides I went on were fun. I skipped the scary ones.

Taking our picture in front of the Disneyland entrance. Not sure why Shira covered her face.

Shira talking off Snow Whites’ ear.

Aytan did not want to be in the picture.

I had to get a picture of the castle. Weekends are very busy. They do crowd control well, but it is a little overwhelming.

A good ride for me is the submarine, while waiting I had to get another iconic picture of the Matterhorn.

We went on the Merry Go Round. Except for a few of the very old rides, everything is tied in to products. So be it, Everyone around us was wearing hats, ears t-shirts from Disney. Disney not only perfected crowd control, they also perfected marketing.

A happy birthday boy. We went to the new Star Wars area, for his birthday Aytan wanted the R2D2 droid. Of course we bought it and both grandmothers shared the carrying of it around the park.

One small shot of StarWars land, Disney knows how to design things.

A shot of all of us on a ride.

I’m thrilled I could be with Aytan at a place where he is so happy. It was a good birthday celebration.


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