Here she is, on her new afghan.

Almost a month old! How time flies! She is putting on weight. No more chicken legs, she is actually getting some rolls and creases. She also will stay awake and look around much more. What a little bundle of joy.

I made this quilt 10 years ago when Aytan was born. Hard to believe, he is turning 10! Time really does fly. So all six grandkids have had the pleasure of using this quilt at m house. Nice to introduce the newest one to the quilt.

Crazy me, I still have many projects to work on, so I decided to add a puzzle to the mix. Not an easy one!

I always start with the border, I couldn’t even get the border complete. As to these inner pieces, I’m sitting here trying pieces out one by one until something fits.

Progress! The border is complete. Turns out, I had some pieces in the wrong place. Slow going, but it’s going. I’m still ‘getting lucky’. I’m pretty good with colors, so I’m able to isolate certain colors and just go for it. I am so surprised when I’ll pick up a piece, try it and on the first go, it fits!! Tonight we are having guests, so I will be seeing if this mate really works. the idea is that one can move the puzzle without disruption, this is my dining room table… I will report back.

It is hibiscus season. Here are mine, first year that I have gotten so many flowers at once.

This bush is not far from my house, I just love the color. I really should just get one for my own yard.

Another one I love.

The blue Hibiscus. It is actually purple and the flower is much smaller, but oh so pretty.

Another flowering tree that blooms in late summer is the Crepe Myrtle. We have these trees all over. They come in three colors that I know of.

Hot pink

Light pink/lavander

From another angle, this is actually the more accurate color.


I am very fortunate, no matter the season, no matter the weather, something is always blooming. It is a real pleasure.


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