Hermosa Beach

I beginning to explore my son’s new neighborhood and I like it.

It’s an interesting mixture of beach homes, apartment buildings and no parking.

Every respectable town needs a clock. From back in the day when no one walked around with a little computer in their pockets and only the wealthy had pocket watches or later, wrist watches.

Pier Ave, the center of town. I took the picture from the wrong angle, too lazy to cross the street.

I love murals and this is no exception. This is on the side of a large municipal parking structure right off Pier Ave. Music is very big in this small beach community.

Another great mural.

Here is a series of the actual pier. There are quite a few people on the beach itself, but this was midweek, so it wasn’t super crowded. As I got closer to where my son lives – there were less people.

Standing right under the pier.

And from the other side.

A few months ago there was arson at this house. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

The yards here are adorable, someone has a model of a lifeguard station. How appropriate.

Tile artwork. Next post will about a visit to Long Beach, where I found a lot of tile work.


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