Afghan finished, also quilt top

There was a lot of frogging going on with the last stranded color band, but I did it! I also knit the two side bands. The blanket is done.

There we go, finished!

And now for some artistic shots. This is before blocking. I do like how the reverse side of the stranded color work looks. Hopefully no baby toes get caught there. I’m not going to worry about it.

I checked the yarn label, it said hand wash only. So I did. Soaking in a tub with a packet of Tide traveling soap. That is what I have on hand. I do need to order some more Soak. There soap is better.

Laying it out on towels in the shade. I hand patted it into shape, then left to dry.

A close up of a corner. In general, the stitches have relaxed into place, which is what blocking does. It is still very nice and soft. Once I give her the Afghan, I’ll be sure to get a picture of her on it. Now, on to finishing the quilt.

Since Einav means grape, I need some grapes on her quilt. I used misty fuse and just did raw edge appliqué.

Building up the grapes, darkest colors on the bottom.

Finished with the grapes. Standing back and taking a picture, the leaf just doesn’t stand out enough.

That was an easy fix, I just added some more leaves, in brighter green.

Quilt top finished! Now to quilt. I had to order some more cotton batting. I have wool batting, but for some reason I feel cotton will be better for a baby quilt. Not sure why.

Now, I need to figure out what stuffed animal she gets. Her brother has a cat.


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