The backside of water

Disney fans will get the reference.

Since I brought my nice camera, I felt the need to take it out and get some of those pictures that a good camera provides.

The water spilling onto the sand.

That water, from a different angle.

The small bubbles that form.

A small rock, forming a very small tide pool.

Yes, I do find rocks to be fascinating.

There is a small area of real tide pools. Well also manmade, but much bigger rocks.

How clear is this water? I love that the camera caught the movement of the water, even though it is very clear.

These two pictures of the shells I took with my phone. I think the better camera would have shown the iridescence that you simply can’t see here.

Green algae. As you can see, sandbags were used here.


The wonderful quiet part of vacation. This beach is amazing, loved walking along it. What I will miss most about this location. Meanwhile, grandkids are off at summer camp and still having a great vacation.


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