If these dinosaur/scifi like creatures give you the heebee-geebees, then don’t read this post.

Club Med maintains a nice size group of iguanas. They come out every evening. You’d think they’d be used to people, but they scurry away whenever people come down the path.

Luckily there are so many, that some will stand still long enough to let people take their pictures

Are these the same variety? I think so. It appears that the young ones are greener in color. Like other reptiles they shed skin, someone showed us a piece of skin he literally removed from the back of one of them. They actually are quite docile, which is why I saw one as a pet in downtown LA.

Here is one posing.

There are three in this picture, can you find the third? Looking at these I see how the image of the dragon came to be, or Godzilla.


Iguanas are basically herbivores, so although they look like dragons it’s fruit they like. This is how they keep them here, every day someone comes by with all the fruit leftovers and the feeding frenzy starts.

Can you get any more primeval? Seeing this mass of lizards I’m thinking they are finishing off another animal. but no, it’s just fruit.

Some people love scaley things, I’m fascinated, but love? No.

Fighting over a morsel. As you can see, these are very well fed healthy creatures. It was a nice addition to Club Med to have them there.


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