Bright color

Lets start with what nature provides.

I walked around taking pictures of tropical flowers.

I’m thinking this is some kind of poinsettia, either way, I love the salmon bracts and the little yellow flower.

A simple Vinca, everyone used to have them here in LA, but they’ve gone out of fashion.

Some sort of Trumpet vine.

White is so refreshing here.

Back home, my hibiscus is providing so many flowers this year, I know, I shared these numerous times, I can’t stop.

Then there is bright manmade color. And now I won’t appolgize for liking plastic, I don’t want to live in the Stone Age.

Someone brought this to the pool daily. Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus floating device.

Another toy, left in the pool.

Finally, the creative use of towels and flowers. A dog.

A turkey? A peacock? A swan?

An elephant. Our room had the upturned truck. The kids room had a downturned one.

I say Santa, Shira says a gorilla.


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