First finish of 2019

It’s finished! And the results are beautiful.

Quilting this was very interesting. I did some ruler work as well as free motion quilting on the star itself.

I outlined the star with an inch wide border, using the ruler. Then I filled in with pearls.

For most of the background I did free-form concentric arcs.

It’s hard to see the quilting in these squares, it’s there. Then Chevron quilting with the walking foot. It was easy on the outer border, I could quilt across the whole quilt. Then I’d go back and starter, without having to worry about turning the quilt.

I love the purple background. It was clear that with all the depth of the Grunge fabric, I’d be wasting my time quilting perfect feathers.

I’ve had this background fabric for years, It felt good using it up. I even had to patch in another color way.

I brought it in to Quilt and Things where it was duly admired.

As well as to the daytime guild, where it also got a lot of love.

While I was in the yard taking artistic shots, I noticed how the colors of the quilt coordinate very well with my ceramic garden sculpture. I wouldn’t say the sculpture influenced the choice of colors, but clearly, this is an esthetic I like.

Now, to gift this to a special person, I know she will be both thrilled and shocked. She has no idea that she is getting this.


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