Capturing the old valley before it disappears.

There certainly is a need to preserve old buildings, but not everything can be saved. Progress means the old comes down while new buildings get built. Right now old houses are becoming McMansions and old apartment buildings are being torn down for bigger newer ones.

So I take may camera with me to document what I can in my neighborhood.

These old dingbat apartments were built after the war, all over the city and the valley. They took the time to give them fancy names as well as interesting decorations. A simple carport in the front with small apartments on top.

Some of these have been retrofitted and others will meet the wrecking ball. This one doesn’t have a name, but does have the decoration. Two buildings down, a new apartment building is replacing an old dingbat.

I’m not sure how long this house will be here. It is yellow and pretty, but I think it’s unoccupied and will probably be torn down soon.

A lovely Spanish style apartment building. I love all the details and the trim. My guess is the apartments are rather small and don’t have washer/dryers in them. I understand that some people are fine with this, and others want larger apartments with more amenities.

Next door is this lovely Streamline apartment building. That bridge between Art Deco and midcentury modern. Sure this is considered Art Deco, but they the late 30s’ things were streamlined and simplified. I bet the rooms with the rounded corner are quite lovely. And of course, and iconic bird of paradise bush. Something else I don’t see as often as I used to. Like everything else, there are fashions in landscaping, just like everything else.

The valle is not known for Craftsmen houses. Right down the street from me there is this lovely little one. Rock base for the balcony wall. Solid pillars. A window divided into three sections. Yup, pure craftsman. I wonder if there is a lot of dark wood inside or not?

And finally, not in the valley but from downtown.

What a great massive advertisement. Channeling Roy Liechtenstein. This is in the Jewelry district and yet it’s advertising a Mall jewelry chain. Actually, now that I think about it, it does make sense. This is where they get their product, from the wholesale jewelers. Most people don’t know where to go downtown and are more comfortable at the mall. Although there are so many businesses open to the public here. I guess you need to do your homework, just walking in doesn’t mean you will get a better deal.


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