Upgrading the sewing room

I am very fortunate to have my own sewing room. No need to use the dining room or even a guest room. I will be upgrading and getting new furniture and cabinets – from Koala. Yup, I’ve cut corners and bought things cheap for years – it’s time to treat myself like a queen.

First off, here is the room in all it’s messy glory.

There are many doors and windows as well as a built in closet. This is my sewing machine cabinet – one of those $150 ones. The lift never worked. This is where I both piece and quilt. The serger just moves to the floor, but I have no extra room to lay out the quilt. Which to be honest means I’m really impressed with how good my free motion quilting looks.

This is my longest wall, right now there is a dresser, a small plastic cabinet and a folding table. The iron is sitting here as well. It is very messy right now, I have all my red fabrics out for this quilt. I cut the fabric on this table, which is why my clothes sewing machine is off in the corner.

Then there is all this mess underneath. I doubt I will ever have a pristine work room, I’m messy, but I could do a lot better than this.

The wall with the french doors. Bookcase, plastic drawers and to be honest, I don’t use the dress form as a dress form, so it should go.

I hate this closet and would love to remove it. I did install some Alfa shelves, but there is so much wasted space here. At some point I may just rip this out and have more usable space.

I do have a moveable design wall, but it lives in the bedroom upstairs, no room here, so the floor gets a lot of use. Now that the star is finished, I am going back to my red and white.

I finished this shawl! It used up a lot of the yarn from the frogged sweater. You can’t really see the lace patterns because of the yarn. But I like the shape and it is pretty.

Just took a selfie with my phone, my selfie stick stopped working a long time ago. I need to pull out the tripod and get better pictures. I love the shape of this shawl, covers my shoulders well and doesn’t have long ends like a scarf. Meanwhile, I need to knit some socks.


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