The joy of grandkids

New Years came and went. But the kids don’t go back to school right away. Saba and Savta to the rescue.

First, fun in the jacuzzi with Saba. Yay for nice hot water. No, I didn’t go in, someone has to stay out and take pictures right?

Dinner at Hometown buffet! A little slice of heaven for kids, we allowed only one dessert. Cameron chose wisely – chocolate cake with frosting.

So good he licked the plate clean.

From the moment I picked them up, they informed me that we have to make pancakes for breakfast. It’s a tradition! To make them special we added oatmeal and blueberries.

Put some sliced bananas and a little bit of real maple syrup and we have silence for 10 minutes while they are busy eating.

Then if was off to have a day of fun with the cousins. We went to one of those massive indoor playgrounds. They had a blast, I got a headache.

Back home, they both napped on the ride home, which is a very good thing. This is what quilts are for right? Building forts and climbing in and out.

I knew when I bought this camel, he’s be used for more than just display, sure enough, the boys had to ride him. Btw, the bandaid on Westley’s cheek. Yup, Cameron threw a toy at him. It didn’t hit the eye, so we’re good, boys will be boys. And these sure had a lot of fun! They stayed through dinner and off home they went. And yes, we slept very well that night and enjoyed a nice quiet day on Saturday.


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