Bits and pieces

I bought some yarn in Las Vegas and started knitting a sweater.The color is pretty accurate here. Turns out I had the wrong size needle. So I frogged and started over.Out in the bright sunlight, it looks much bluer and I’m too lazy to edit the photo.

Something big has come up that I can’t talk about yet. So this project waiting on the sidelines.I have been working away on this special quilt. Pineapple blocks take a lot of work, but look at the results. It took a while to get the knack of using the rulers, but now I could probably make them in my sleep.A little while ago I agreed to make a block for the Valley Quiltmakers opportunity quilt. Right, as soon as things get very busy I’ve been given the block. So I started in on the project. Luckily along with the pattern and  fabrics, I was given the bias tape already made. That is a big help.  Notice the small flower?
turns out, it didn’t fit when I traced the whole pattern. Luckily when I pointed this out, I was told to just remove the small flowers.
So this is coming along.This quilt was gifted at the baby shower. I must say, baby quilts are much easier than queen size ones. They take much less time!

The Hawaiian applique that I am working on is really a UFO, unfinished object. One of these days, I might even get back to it. Yes, I know, this is a very scattered kind of post. I hope to be able to explain why soon,



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