Local festival

In the morning I had a baby shower at my house for a dear friend’s daughter. This will be her first grandchild. Sorry, not many pictures, but I can assure you, a great time was had by all.

Then in the afternoon, I went to a community festival.I really love how neighborhoods are doing these kinds of things, I also love dancing kids. Oh and that long shadow? That is me, the days are getting shorter, the shadows are getting longer.This location is where the farmers market takes place every Sunday. So the merchants are used to the crowds, many of them simply put some of their wares out in front. The police and fire department were there, I gravitated towards the beautiful classic cars.Even this one, which has deliberately been left in it’s arrested decay state.Some people love to show off their engines. Others are showcasing pickup trucks in colors that didn’t exist when they were made. Who can resist a deep purple truck?The crafts people were all small and local. Macrame has made a comeback.What a creative way to build a display.No, the sewing machine wasn’t for sale. The lovely woman was selling handmade belts and pouches. Her dad owns a repair shop, so he has many old machines, and this one is the one she uses. Darn, why didn’t I get his name???Rope baskets are becoming a thing at craft fairs. All of my friends have made at least one of these.

Now these are dream catchers.Mexican beading and yarn art.The prices were very reasonable. As much as I love supporting other crafters, if it’s not something I really love, I won’t be buying. I do hope that this was the first of many such events.












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