Eyal Noam

He has a name, Eyal Noam, he will henceforth be simply called Eyal. A Hebrew name that means gazelle.There was a professional photographer, so at some later date I will put up better pictures. I was really too busy to take many of my own.

Yesterday I was busy setting up whatever I could.Early in the morning, I was busy getting the tables decorated and the food put out.It would have been fine to only have 3 large bagel platters, but 10 packages of lox from Costco worked out just fine.We actually had way too many sweets, I don’t think I’ve planned an event for close to 100 people before.The Mohel (the one who performs the circumcision) absolutely loved this sign, he took it home and is planning on putting it up in his garage. Andy Schpall is amazing, this is our 4th grandson he has circumcised and he was chocking up a little. All the people, all the joy, all the love welcoming Eyal to the family and the Jewish community. We weren’t the only one who was trying to guess the name. This is was as good a guess as any.I should have given her a marker, it’s very faint, but there is his name Eyal Noam.  He is named after three strong women, two of whom are deceased, all had Ann in their name. I know, EN isn’t Ann, but in Hebrew, אן, is. Yoch chocked up as well as he said the name and explained the significance. A little goofing off.Then the cousins helped out with opening the presents.  What a wonderful day.




The Rock

I have a large rock in my backyard. It was here when we moved into the house. We landscaped a few years ago and the designer was so impressed with this rock, he reused it. He also mentioned that rocks this size are quite expensive, so we lucked out.It is a wonderful prop for my photos, be they grandchildren….… who play next to them with trucks.Or run by it.It is a great place to pose, showing off a new dress.That goes for me as well. It is a lovely backdrop for my knitted shawls.Or small quilted items.For a rope basket, A knit bunny.And a fabric cat.

Use what you have, I happen to have this lovely rock that works very well as a backdrop.

Charity block done

You’d think with a new baby around I’d have no time. Well, I’m the grandma, so I do, even though my babysitting duties with all five of them have increased.I have been working on this block. I do enjoy handwork, a lot! Building up layers with needle turn applique is very relaxing.I was given a lot of green and blue fabrics to work with, I don’t think I used all of them, although I have tried to get a lot of variety in here.The final touch, a yellow center on every flower. I hand this back to the Valley Quiltmakers Guild this week.  It will be fun to see how the whole quilt comes together.



sweaters and blankets

Have I mentioned lately how much I love knitting? Last night friends invited us for smoked brisket, yumm!  Their recently widowed neighbor was also there, at one point she asked the hostess if she knits, no, but Leah is an expert. She had a mistake in her first knitting project and had no clue how to fix it. It was such a pleasure to help her out, to discuss how knitting is such a therapeutic activity, to recommend the local yarn store as a source of both yarn and learning.  I sincerely hope to find out in a few months, that she is well on her way to becoming a dedicated knitter.

I think the last time I reported on knitting, this was the start of a sweater, from yarn bought in Las Vegas. Then a grandson was born and all plans changed.Yoch loves green. A good excuse to go out and buy some Malabrigo Rios.And start knitting a baby blanket. This is the first time I’m using superwash wool instead of acrylic for a baby blanket. I just couldn’t find the depth of color in acrylic. The other blankets I knit all involved switching colors, this time, I’m going with a cable pattern and the yarn needs to sing.I promised to wash this for them if they need. As yet they don’t have a washing machine, so dealing with a baby blanket that needs to be cleaned can be a problem.I knit like the wind, every knit, knitting away.There is a big difference in the skeins, which adds to the beauty.Done and blocked. I didn’t wet block this one, I went at it with an iron full of steam. It opened up the cable pattern a lot. I was able to deliver it on the day they came home from Ohio. It is now in storage, our weather is still hot. This little boy heats up quickly, we shall see how much this actually gets used.I’ve even had time to get back to the sweater. Using my new stitch markers to mark decreases. This pattern has a faux princess seam, which takes the sweater from cozy to tailored.I’m enjoying the knitting and will love wearing this little-knit jacket.



First project I made on my Featherweight.

I was itching to sew on my new/old sewing machine.  Last year I saw pictures from Houston Quilt Market, one of them was an adorable cat made by Funky Fiber Factory. I found the pattern in a quilt store in Las Vegas. I was so anxious to start, I made some mistakes sewing the head together. Luckily I was able to remove the ears and recut some of the face pieces.Still awkward looking, but this is correct.Interesting construction on this one. I had to read the instructions very carefully. Some things weren’t clear, but reading slowly, really stopping and paying attention, paid off. So how was it working on the Featherweight? Interesting. Irene had told me that there is no reverse. I guess by 1948 they included a reverse stitch, I found this out by accident, very lucky accident.

Like any new tool, I need more practice, most of the seams I was sewing are curved seams. I had to rip out quite a few and resew them. Every machine has its own temperament. All in all, I think this is a wonderful little machine, we just need to get better acquainted. Here he is, all sewn together, just waiting to be stuffed. Then it was time for pictures, I decided to combine a Sunday walk with pictures of the cat.After a horrible heat wave with a massive local fire, we had cool overcast weather on Sunday. So off to Lake Hollywood, we went.  Yes, I got smiles and interesting looks, kitty didn’t stay put in the bag.He came out to walk himself.To lord it over all those dogs that aren’t allowed here.To climb on pipes. He had to stop on the walkway on the Mulholland Dam, everyone needs to pose with the Hollywood sign in the background. A father and son stopped to admire him, I told them he already has a special home to go to. You got it, he is going to my fifth grandchild. Here he is looking down, lording it over the dogs.So I guess certain dogs are allowed here after all.Posing with Smokey. Very good advice indeed! Especially since the Hills on the valley side are one fire.



Big News

Some people guessed, yup, I am a grandma again, we are up to five!  My son and son in law are adopting this adorable little peanut.Three years, ever since they got married they have been trying to get a baby and now they have their son. He is a preemie, so is still in the hospital in OH and I won’t meet him in person for a few weeks. Which is very hard, but he is here and adorable and healthy and before you know it I’ll have him in my arms. He is home! He is precious! He still doesn’t have a name. Well, all the officials know his name, but not the rest of us.

It is traditional to name a Jewish baby boy at his Bris, circumcision, usually, that is only eight days after birth. In this case, he will be 6 weeks old. That is ok, I understand the Dad’s wanting to wait. As long as I can hold him and love him, I can wait too.




A new old sewing machine

My friend Irene collects sewing machines. She ran out of room and has offered some to her close friends.In this little box, is a treasure of a sewing machine.Yup! My very own Singer Featherweight!!  Years ago they were easy to come by and relatively cheap. Not anymore. So thank you, Irene, for hunting down good featherweights and then being willing to let some go to new homes.I love how compact everything is in the case.The tray has a hole in it for the thread holder on the machine.Irene documents as much as she can. Her husband Izzy bought this one, from Stephanie. Oh well, so we don’t know what her grandma’s name was. 1948 is a special year, that is when Israel became a state, so it has extra meaning for me.The machine in the box, there was even space for a little can of oil.Out of the box.And now for the details. I miss the days when a machine was not only well built but beautifully decorated. I have had to replace some major appliances recently. I was told that if they lasted 10 years, that was good.The Singer Insignia, back when Singer really stood for quality.Even the back, that rarely gets seen is decorated. This little power house only stitches a straight stitch, won’t even reverse. As many of us have found, that is enough for many projects. This is also a wonderful machine to travel with – because it’s so compact.I don’t think this baby got a lot of use, the gold designs haven’t worn off. Irene and her husband have a good eye for quality Featherweights. There are plenty on the market that are used and abused. Others are in great shape and today cost as much as a fancy new machine.These machines were manufactured from 1933 to 1968. The look changed through the years, from very ornate to a simple white version. There are interesting feet attachments, we will see if I ever put them to use.This machine sews like a dream.It may not have a reverse function, but it does have many different stitch lengths.

Thank you Irene, I know I will love and cherish this. It has come to a good home.








Quilt for Leigh, top is done!

It’s done, it’s yuuuge, it’s wrinkled, there are threads all over it. But it is done!Love the chickens surrounded by the pineapple blocks, and then there are the bees.Depending on the fabric choices, pineapple block looks very different. I’m happy with the low volume in the background, it unifies the scrappiness of the quilt. Here are the bees, so cute.

My friend Ruth is going to be quilting a large quilt herself, so this will have to wait a few weeks until her Longarm is free again. That is fine, I need a break from this. I will probably be full of fresh ideas about how to actually quilt it, having let it sit for a while.This quilt is too big to try and piece the back, so I ordered some extra wide fabric from Connecting Threads, from the sale section, naturally.

Yes, I am very impressed with myself, a full queen size quilt, not something I do often. Let’s be honest, I never make quilts this size, probably won’t again for quite a while. Every quilt is it’s own experience, I learned a lot from this one.

Oops, I neglected this shawl

I showed you the sweater I started, I forgot to block and photograph the shawl I finished.

First of all, despite buying the correct amount of yarn, I ran out. So instead of wasting money buying another large skein of yarn, I did what any quilter would do, find something that will compliment the main yarn.I only had about 8 rows left, I think the dark brown creates a nice border.

Then the shawl just languished. I was too lazy to pull out my blocking mats, wires, and pins. So I didn’t. Then I remembered, before everybody got into cold blocking, we used to block with steam, with our irons. So that’s what I did, took much less time and worked just fine.It is 100 degrees here now, no way am I putting on a wool shawl for photography. These days my dress form gets more use as a model than for sizing my clothes. Oh well, at least it’s getting used.I like the border, a nice finishing touch. What we call a design element -really I meant to have it there all along.Front view.Side view.Folded view, this is going into the gift pile. Someone lucky will receive it at Christmas time.I continued work on the guild block. Apparently, I’m the only one working on a block, a number of people are working on the borders. There will be 4 central blocks, so I’m way ahead of the game.Now, to add more layers.I’ve gotten as far as I can get. Waiting for instructions on a central yellow yo-yo.  I have the fabric, just waiting for an email with the size of yo-yo.

So now I can go back to my Hawaiian applique.




Quilt for Leigh II

A lot of that nervous energy has been going into making pineapple blocks. I didn’t do the math before hand, turns out I need 50……  I really don’t make queen size quilts, yup it’s a project!I want to start a baby quilt! but at least need to finish this top first. Then I have to wait until Ruth’s long arm is free. Once the top is done, I can seriously think about a baby quilt for my grandson.This is an amazing project. I shared this image on Deb Tuckers FB page and she responded in person. Once I’m done, she could use this as advertising for her rulers.

Fifty blocks is a lot, so I needed to change things up a bit, Leigh also raises honey bees. The honey bee is 6″, now to figure out how to build the pineapple around him.It worked!One bee is cute, but certainly not enough.So I made another one. Much better, I only have three more blocks to go and the top will be done!