Diane Von Furstenberg – Journey of a Dress

DVF Journey of a Dress

I finally took the time today to go see the exhibit at LACMA, Journey of a Dress. Somebody other than Lacma must be sponsoring this show since it is free to the public. Also, I have to laugh, I have been a docent at LACMA for 13 years and we admonished to always call the building: Lacma West.

Historic building justice prevails and now it is once again called: The Wilshire May company, to differentiate it from the downtown May Co.DVF wrap dressPhotography was allowed! I should have brought my good camera, luckily the iphone does a pretty good job.

Here is the simple basic wrap dress in a wonderful graphic print. Pure simplicity. Next to it is another great print but this time the color and cuffs get an interesting ribbed knit treatment.DVF wrap dress with colorMany of the dresses have a collar. I love this floral print, instead of using the same fabric for the collar, she used what looks like the trim of a polo shirt. So classy. Also note long sleeves and keyhole neckline on the two other dresses.VF wrap dress big floral skirtLOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
This dress has everything I love! The combination of prints, the adorable collar. The wonderful bound hem of the skirt. Yes, this is going into my knock off queue.DVF wrapdress laceOf course I have made wrap dresses, they are very comfortable and after seeing this exhibit, I will be making a few more!  The neck treatment here is great. Using the border print as the accent of the neckline is brilliant.  A solid satin belt is the final touch of elegance.DFV wrap dress collar trimAnother elegant use of printed fabric. Next to a simple white dress with DVF signature icon as the neck trim and belt.DVF wrap dress evening gownsThe basic design upgraded and made in elegant fabrics turns the simple wrap dress into evening wear.

There were over 100 dresses in the exhibition. No way could I photograph them all, although they were all worthy.  You will see a future post where I knock off this dress and make it my own.

The Wrap Dress is 40 years old, this is the reason for the exhibit. Of course the 70s’ are back in fashion and one can buy a new version. At the LACMA gift shop they were selling for over $350.  Way to go Diane Von Furstenberg! DVF wrap pants suitFinal image, from 1973. What else but a pants suit in a leopard print. Notice how big the collar is. As well as the large folded back cuffs.

The exhibit is open until May 1st. You have one month left, if you are in Los Angeles – just go!  If not, pull out your patterns and make your own wrap dress.



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  1. What a treat you’ve given us today, Leah! I love, love, love the DVF wrap dress and think I’m going to have to make one or five if I can find suitable fabric. 🙂

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