The color of my garden

Sorry to all my east coast friends who are buried under yet another snow storm. If it makes you feel any better, we are having earthquakes. No I don’t think you care, so I will share my color of the moment in the garden. No it isn’t  Radiant Orchid, although I think I may have some of that. It is a bright magenta pink.Gerbera daisyThese are some of the flowers I cut this roseSame group of flowers, slightly different angle. Of course leaving color in the garden is also nice, as it is getting pleasant enough to sit out there.two tone cyclamenThis cyclamen took me by surprise. It’s a leftover from a few years ago. Usually I plant new ones each year. I forgot to this year and until today, none of the old ones bloomed.two tone fuchsiaHere in the valley it can get too hot for fuchsias, so our small window of having pretty blooms is pretty small. Every year I get a few flowers, never a bush full.P1010782Just to break the monotony,  some red and yellow.

Actually I don’t have a favorite color or a color I won’t allow in. I guess that right now what is blooming is mostly that bright pink.


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