Apparently Halloween in the most celebrated holiday in the US today. Which means there are countless ways that people celebrate. I was present at two events, it’s hard to say I participated, since I didn’t dress up.

First was our annual Halloween party at West Hollywood Stitch and Bitch. We are a very creative bunch and it shows in the costumes, this year the theme was TV shows.P1050135Natalie rocked Flo! Complete with Kiss my Grits on her pad. The pie was one you’d never find in a greasy diner,  it was made from a fresh pumpkin by Suzette.P1050143Who really rocked Velma from Scooby-Doo.P1050153Ellen did a great job as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.  Of course she made the log. The sweater is one she made a while ago, updated with the trees specifically for the costume.

P1050137Bridget, Brenda and Denise were all on the S.S. Minnow, come on, there had to be someone building tents and entertaining the crew at night on the Island.P1050138Jenna was a Cabbage Patch doll, with an authentic doll from her own childhood.P1050148Richard, Sarah, Vivian and Simon were all characters from Clash of the Titans!

I should have taken a picture of all the wonderful food people brought to eat. This is one group that knows how to party.

Then on Halloween night it was out Trick or Treating with the grandkids. They live in the perfect neighborhood for that, flat streets, small houses side by side so there is a lot of action.IMG_4222Of course Aytan was Spiderman, the mask lasted maybe 2 minutes – enough to get the picture.IMG_4226Shira was Princess Sophia, complete with doll, she managed to take her all over with her purple bucket and never lose her. She has had the dress for a year now, wears it all the time, but I guess when you add in purple boots with butterflies – it all becomes a magic costume.IMG_4229The haul, yup, they came home with A LOT of candy.  What a wonderful tradition, running around, knocking on doors and meeting neighbors one rarely see in our busy lives.  What’s not to love about having candy in the mix as well!


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